ThermaTru style question

eleenaFebruary 5, 2013

One last question before I order.

ThermaTru offers three styles in Smooth-Star for full view doors:

Flush-glazed, flush, and W/ Stile Lines.

I like the looks of flush-glazed but it does not allow to replace the glass, if broken, one needs to change the entire door (which is a big minus to me).

The one with stile lines (if I am not mistaken) looks very traditional. I am hoping that "flush" is more more contemporary but I have never seen it and nobody has it in stock around here. In fact, the dealer has never heard of it. I searched the TT website high and low and couldn't find a decent picture.

Could you give me some pointers what it looks like? Are there pix of any other doors that look similar?


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The flush glazed is very nice and offers a more realistic look, as there is no "surround" that protrudes from the surface of the door. What I find however in dealing with clients is that most of them have grown accustomed to that look, so they'd rather save a few buck.

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OK, after spending a long time on the phone, I figured out that "stiles" have nothing to do with the "glass surround" but imitate the look of a 4-piece door (well, unless it is wrong again, like what I was told yesterday).


I absolutely *hate* that round moulding around the glass and I am not trying to save "a few bucks" but I don't like the idea of having to replace the entire door should something happen to the glass. That is a lot more than a "few" bucks, isn't it? :-)

And who can guarantee that ThermaTru will even have the same door in the same size in the future? I have just read a discussion on another forum of someone needed to replace the glass.

So, is there a (sort of) discrete "glass surround"?

If not, I would go with flush-glazed b/c I cannot stand that wide "moulding".

Thank you!

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I am totally confused with Full lite Flush and Stile Lines.
It's hard to tell the difference on line.
Is Stile another word for molding edge?

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No, stile lines is where it looks like there is a seam/joint between the vertical and horizontal planes of the slab. As if four pieces of wood made the slab.

It probably will not cost much more to replace a flush slab as compared to reglaxing or installing another lite kit.
I like the look of the flush glazed.


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Just noticed two different model #'s for the door I'm interested in.
One states "No Stile Lines".
Haven't a clue what that means.
The pictures in the catalog both look the same.

Here is the door that I am mostly going with.
Wellesley with Brushed Nickel...hardware matching.

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Oh dear! Just found this meaning...
Still not sure what it means.....

A door stile is a vertical structural component of a door's edge. A narrow door stile is about 5 cm wide a medium one is about 10 cm wide while a wide one is about 12 cm wide. It may also be defined as the outside member of a door.
Stiles are vertical and the rails are horizontal, in other words, the stiles are the side pieces and the rails are the cross pieces

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