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hale_boppJuly 16, 2005

Hi All,

I'm usually over at the Kitchen Table, but I've recently been asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding. It's going to be in December, so for the next five months I'll be in wedding-land helping her out. It'll be a little difficult b/c I'm in California and she's in Alaska. :) Also, this is my third wedding to be in, but I'm a bit rusty, so is it okay if I come to you for any advice on things?

My first question is, is there a recommended wedding planner for someone who isn't sure if she wants to have a formal wedding or casual? She asked me if I knew of one. Thanks so much!



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There are several creative souls here who are wedding planners by profession. They have provided priceless information in response to posted questions.

MY first thought on your question (I am NOT a wedding planner) is that your friend needs someone who works in Alaska.

Congratulations on being in the wedding. Have fun helping the bride and enjoy the journey.

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LOL, thank you, Dian! I think I meant to say, "recommended wedding planner BOOK"...LOL!! Dummy me. ;)


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As a wedding planner, I suggest that you send your friend either "The Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding" or "Weddings for Dummies." Neither one will specifically outline the pros and cons of a casual versus semi-formal or formal wedding, but they will help her, and you, to understand the basic structure of a wedding.

To decide on how formal the wedding might be, your friend should think about: 1. her lifestyle - does she like formal sit-down dinners or is she a more casual person 2. available reception locations in her community - it is possible that most of the facilities are fairly casual or they may be quite formal. That will help her make a decision. Most weddings today tend to be either casual or semi-formal, particularly in places like Alaska. It is possible that if she tries to have a formal wedding, it will cost her a great deal to create the right atmosphere.

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Thanks so much, Sweet Pea!! Though I have to admit, I hate those names. It's one thing to buy that book for yourself, but another to buy it for someone else, LOL! I was going to surprise her with it. She's far from an "idiot" or "dummy". :)

Great points! I'll pass them along.


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i'm using The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide! i have found it very helpful.... aside from offering adequate space for writing notes and lists and budget planning, it has helpful tips on every aspect of the wedding from start to finish. i reccommend either that book or one similar to it, because all the worksheets are already provided all you have to do is fill in the blanks. your friend won't have to waste time trying to get it all organized... the book does that for her... i love mine....

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