Are my new windows really Thermal Industries?

scot1313February 23, 2013

About two weeks ago, I had two large sliders with a fixed picture window in the center and two double hung windows installed. All were made by Thermal Industries. However, after noticing more than expected wind infiltration coming in at the corner base of the sliders where it meets the center fixed window, I observed that the insulating glass appeared to be only about 1/2 inch or maybe 5/8 at best, rather than the 13/16 inch I had expected. This 1/2 to 5/8 inch or so was the same for the double hung. I also noticed that both sliders did not have a safety latch feature that pops out to allow the windows to open only a few inches for ventilation, which it states on the website that they should have. When I look at the Thermal Industries website it also indicates that none of their sliders have glass less than 13/16 inches and none of the double hungs are less than 3/4 inch. Can anyone with dealings with Thermal Industries make sense of this? Did I get windows that TI manufactures but doesn't even list on their website, or is it possible I got a window that isn't even a Thermal Industries window. The dealer seems reputable, but I have no history with the company to know for sure.

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Can you post a pic? Your description sounds just about right though, lol. TI does not have top level air infiltration ratings.

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Are you sure the window is a TI window?

Do you have the NFRC label from the window?

TI would not lie about the glass spacing and it is likely that you might have gotten the incorrect glass or another window substituted.

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I don't have the label windowswashington, and yes, my concern is that I may have had a window substituted. Karateguy...I'll post a picture tomorrow...too dark right now. Thanks.

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Karateguy: Here is a picture showing the spacing of the insulated glass on the slider. The spacing of the glass is the same for the double hungs. Let me know if you need any specific pics and I'll take more. Thanks for your help.

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