My dress arrived today!!!

sunshine4376July 8, 2004

I'm so excited. I can't get into it by myself so I can't post any pics yet. But as soon as I try it on I'll have sone pics taken and post them.

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OOOH! That's great!

I think the dress was one of the more exciting parts of the pre-ceremony events! Just trying it on and imagining yourself walking into the church/hall and your soon-to-be-hubby up there watching you, it's pretty terrific!

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I have my dress too! It is over at my mom's house with my shoes, slip and tiara. I tried it on once by myself and just about died! I spent an hour it seems twirling around the house and dancing with myself! I can't get anyone to take my picture in it though! The company's website doesn't do the picture justice.

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Tonight's the night I get to try it on. I did try by myself but I could do up the laces at the back. Why can't you get anyone to take your picture in it? No one will do it or are they afraid you'll show DF?

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Everytime I go over to my mom's with the digital camera she has an excuse not to take the picture...I secretly think she still thinks I am a clutz and will mess up the dress! My only other option is to have my son take the picture and he is a blabbermouth galore...One of these days I will get pictures taken. I am altering the dress has a sweep train that will be cut to be ankle length...I have Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy visions in my head...the men will be in cutaway jackets, grey vests and pinstriped trousers...I just love that look.

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OOOH!! So you want to cut off your train too? I want to and I keep getting grief for it. It's pretty but I really don't want to have a bustle...also, it's just not my style. Have you gotten grief about cutting off the train?

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Actually I haven't gotten grief about cutting the train off...only from David's Bridal and they don't count! I want it off for several reasons, the first being that I am 35 and I feel silly in a big wedding dress, the second is I want to be comfortable in the dress and not worry about someone stepping on it or me tripping.
I was going to have my mom take before pictures today but I just had my bangs cut and they are too short. I look like Buster Brown and that is not the look I am going for!

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