Installing sash lifts: any placement rules of thumb?

la_koalaFebruary 8, 2012


My DH is about to install sash lifts on some of our double-hung windows, and is asking me if there are any rules of thumb to follow about placement along the bottom rail.

And, I don't know! :-)

Are there any ergonomic rules of thumb about what placement would make it easier to lift up the window?

And if not, any opinions on what you think might look good aesthetically?

There are two sash lifts per bottom sash. The sashes are about 32 inches wide (sorry, I'm doing it from memory because I'm not at the house this moment). I was originally thinking to space the two evenly within the bottom rail.

Thanks in advance!


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I would mount them around 8" and 24" on center, they will not look proper if spaced evenly on center. Make sure to mount them high enough on the bottom rail to give clearance for fingers between casing or stool.If these windows open easy you could also go with one lift as well.

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Hi, thanks toddinmn!

We looked at what you suggested by holding the lifts up to those spots -- and you are right, that spacing looks good! Thanks so much!


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