mob showing everyone the dress

maddieleeJuly 28, 2006

What do you think?

The mother of a bride (wedding in December) is showing almost everyone she meets pictures of the wedding dress that were taken when the bride was having it fitted.

Shouldn't THE DRESS be a surprise for everyone?


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Oh dear, I would hope the bride has no problem wth this. Yes, it will reduce the WOW factor, and that is too bad.

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I don't think it is that big a deal, really. If the bride cares, she should just ask her mom to cut it out. But I think a lot of brides (and for that matter, mothers, too) overestimate the level of excitement guests have about their dresses -- really, have you ever felt yourself consumed with anticipation about someone else's dress? I enjoy seeing pretty gowns as much as anyone else, but as a guest, I don't look forward to being surprised or for that matter "wowed" by the clothes. I am happy to see the bride look beautiful and happy, whether I already knew what the dress was like or not -- believe me, I've seen beaming brides in simple dresses who took my breath away, and brides who who spent a fortune on clothes, hair, and makeup but looked like they were carrying more than wearing their elaborate dresses and just looked too "done" and uncomfortable to look their best. I am more interested in looking at the happy, proud faces than at the clothes. I think that a bride whose face shows that she is thinking about how happy she is about marrying her sweetheart looks a lot better than one who is thinking "Look At My Magnificent Dress!"

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