Tess w/ new saw

cathyscacheJune 26, 2009

My hubby got me a wet saw for xmas. I finally started using it. I have been collecting plates from yard sales and friends for years now and only cutting them when I needed a certain color. But I got out my saw and started cutting the other day and I tell you I love it!!!!!!!! I cut four boxes of plates, cups bottles, etc. , 15 or more gallon bags and about 15 quart bags, numerous bottles and cups. I've got lots of new tess to work with. I cut them large so I will still be able t hand nip to the size and shape I need. But cutting with a saw is the way to go!!! I can't wait to find more I have buried in the shed!!! Yard sales here I come!!!!! Sure am lovin that hubby right now!!!!! He was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to use it now he's wondering if I am ever gonna quit!!!! LOL!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tess cut with saw

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Heh heh!!! You can practice and then come to my place and practise some more...I seem to have a feewww plates you could "practice" on!!!lol! A Kid with a new toy!!lol! I was the same way with my Taurus and my tile saw!lol!

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Well, it's about TIME!!! Knew you'd enjoy it. I have two tile saws and the Taurus. Seldom use the Taurus, but love, love, love the tile saw. Couldn't do w/it for some of the really hard porcelain plates and tiles that are impossible to hand-nip. Go to town, CATH.

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