Windows fogged - what are my options?

ranger481vsFebruary 25, 2011

I have 36yr old casement windows on my Wisconsin home. The only marking I can read is between the window pane, which says Crestpane, I think. Just about all of the windows facing the south side and west side are fogged and with what looks to be dirty calcification between the panes too. The windows are all wood, which seems to be in good condition.

I've started to do some research on windows, and I'm just not sure what my options are to fix or replace. I'd like to keep the cost down, so I'm wondering if just the double pane glass can be replaced? I'm fairly handy, so I'm also wondering if the installation is something I might be able to do on my own.

I appreciate any thoughts and advice you might have.

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Wood windows should just have a glazing bead or stop that you would remove cut/scrap the caulk and pop in new glass. Which as you already know is the least expensive option. You will have guys come on here and suggest drilling holes to relieve moisture and other ways of supposedly resealing and repairing insulated units but I personally am not a fan of this system. Maybe one or two windows but with a bunch of windows I would buy new insulated glass units.

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Re-glaze or drill them.

Drilling them is cheaper (We do not do that but have seen it as effective band aid fix).

Re-glazing will be more expensive but is a more permanent repair when compared to the drilling option.

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Thanks. I will look into getting replacement glass, then. Definitely not interested in trying to repair the glass with drilling holes or reglazing, especially since there is calcification caked on the glass. Hopefully, I will be able to get a better grade of insulated glass than I have at the moment too.

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