Narrow French Doors

merjFebruary 21, 2008

Does anyone know of a source of very narrow french doors? I've been looking for several years for 2-panels units with total width of 45", and a 90" height (brick-to-brick rough opening).

There are several small companies online that will make custom heights, but I haven't been able to find one that makes very narrow doors.

Marvin makes an inswing french door with heights of 8'0" and 10'0", but the widths are too wide. (I'm trying to accomplish this without opening walls and cutting brick facade.) Their clad inswing french door with raised panel would be ideal.

Local salvage yards and reclamation centers occasionally get an odd-sized door. But I need to replace three sets of doors, which has further limited the search.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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Have you actually asked Marvin if they will make them?

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Uh...honestly, no. It never occurred to me that they would. I guess asking won't hurt, though, would it?

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Marvin doesn't make any part of a window or a door until it is ordered in order to be able to offer as many options as possible. Making a narrow double door should only be a matter of telling them the RO size you want. If it is more complicated than that the Signature Products and Services division will make virtually anything.

Be aware that this kind of door usually locks one leaf against the other so one leaf will be manually latched top and bottom and the other will be operable. Because the door leaves are so small it will be difficult to use the door without opening both leaves and that usually requires "coordinating rods" that unlatch top and bottom bolts from a knob.

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Thanks for the suggestion, mighty. I contacted Marvin, and they forwarded my email to their regional rep. So we'll see how that goes.

These doors are basically big windows that go to the floor, and are kind of limiting as far as access/egress goes. Fortunately, the front door is between the three sets of doors, so entrance/exit shouldn't be too big an issue.

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Why do they need to be doors? How are you planning to use them?

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I'm a bigtime gardener, and have a terrace across the front of the house, overlooking the front garden. Doors aren't needed all the time, but would be nice to have, for circulation purposes, when we have garden parties. In the average year, that's several times; but we have had 8-10 parties a year. Depends on the mood.

Plus maybe full-length doors will keep the cat off the dining room table. He sits up there so he can look/stalk out the window.

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I'm looking for the same thing and I saw what you described at Lowes last Saturday--french doors with two panes of glass across, only the doors were labeled as interior. I'm not sure of the height--only $200/pair. The frames are composed of solid wood; does anyone know why they couldn't be used as exterior doors? They're cheaper than windows!

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This is an old post but I am asking the same question. Ideally I would like them to be 40 inches wide. I have not investigated the custom route.

I need 6 of these (4 for dining room and two for study). Neither room is huge so putting 4 foot wide doors is impossible in the study (12 feet wide) and not a great choice in the dining room (would fit on 17 foot wall but not on 14 foot wall).

Wondering if anyone has a good resource or alternative?

My architect suggested substituting casements but I don't like the look of the long casements as well.

He also said he could do a faux door but I really don't like that idea!

Hate to give them up as we practically designed the house around them!

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Has anyone had any luck finding these? I too am looking for exactly this item and am having no luck!! Same situation 17 ft wall, hoping for 2 sets of French doors no wider than 4 ft total. I can't believe we can't find these...I will definitely follow up with anything I find.

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I have not been able to find these doors, even after two plus yeas of searching. I did have an engineer from one of the manufacturers (it may have been Marvin) tell me that they cannot be produced because the amount of wood needed to engineer them almost eliminates the ability to have any glass.

Yet they exist all over Charleston. I did contact one of the custom builders window and door down there, and he gave me a quote of $15K each. I need 3, so that adds up pretty quickly. I have not committed to do that just yet.

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Weather Shield will make these Exterior doors for around $2000.00 But, with normal stile & rails, these doors will have very little visible glass. A Good custom mill shop could build them with narrow stile & rails (more glass), but, more $$$.

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Marvin has a standard 4'0" (RO = 49 5/8") wide double door. The minimum width for a double door is 33". Hope that answers the questions in this thread.

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