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SylvanessaFebruary 10, 2012

Need a quick opinion. I am replacing 1960's Aluminum sliding windows.(which are horrible leaky monstrosities) I am in the NW area of Missouri. I have spent all day at dealers and on forums pricing, reading reviews, etc.

OK now here's the question. I am down to a few brands in my price range. Simonton, American Craftsman, Reliabilt and a local company called Columbia. In all brands the 4 windows cost roughly the same total. Right now Simonton seems the best. But....

So if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Or even recommend another brand that would be close to $1000-1300 total for a 72x52, 2 36x52's and a 32x38 all double pane double hung vinyl.

I have installation well covered. Personal friend/contractor.

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Simonton would be the best of those assuming you are looking at the Reflections 5500. Generally, the better brands are not available to non-dealers.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


I would also encourage you to look for Sunrise and Soft-Lite as well.

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Simonton (5500) like Sky said is the best out of those 3.

The PGT SpectraGuard is a really good window too.

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He won't have access to Sunrise. It's only sold through dealers. I believe the same is true about Softlite. At least the upper lines are only available through dealers.

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Sunrise and Softlite both offer certain lines through distribution in my area, and would be worth a look. It's also possible that a dealer may sell a premium line cash and carry.

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if you look at simonton, it needs to be at least the 5500. your budget is also very unrealistic unless you plan on hiring a handyman who i guarantee wont do a proper install.
reliabilt is not a good window and american craftsman is total junk. budget or no budget those brands are low quality.

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Thank you for the replies. I did go with the 5500's and as for the install I have a personal friend who is a contractor helping me with the installation. Budget was for the windows only.

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LOl, " the friend of the family " .. if i had a nickle for everytime i heard that one id be rich. if i had a penny for every friend of the family contractor that didnt perform a proper install id be even richer.
seriously, i hope he is a window contractor and not a jack of all trades.

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