What To Do At The Dinner Table

jbkiddJuly 15, 2006

Is it appropriate to have table games at a wedding, I heard of this being done. How do you pass the time while eating to make it interesting.

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I've never heard of it, and I would find it silly and intrusive. People don't need games to "make it interesting" when they go to dinner at a restaurant or attend any other kind of party -- why do you feel they need organized amusement at a wedding? People pass the time by talking with each other, as at any other time. And at a wedding, there are also times when they are listening to toasts or dancing.

Don't worry that your guests will be bored. Even if I were a guest at a deadly dull table, I'd rather be bored than forced to play some contrived game (and I happen to love games -- not everyone does).

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I totally agree with Gellchom. As a wedding coordinator, I have never seen table games played at a wedding. Generally, you eat, visit with others at the table, listen to toasts, watch the bride and groom cut the cake and do their first dances. Once the general dancing begins, you will have something to focus on. If your wedding will have no dancing, guests will get up and visit with others that they haven't seen for awhile.

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The only table it is OK to have some games and other entertainment arranged for is if you have a kids table. The other guests are adult and should be able to practice the art of conversation.

OK, that sounds harsh, but true!


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