New hopper window for glass block window

DreamingoftheUPFebruary 28, 2014

I'm in the planning stages of restoring the bathroom in my 1950's ranch. Because I'm attempting a restore and not a gut/replace, I'd like to preserve the glass block window. It's a 4x5 block window made up of nominal 8"x8" argus blocks. The square hopper window in the center takes up the space of 4 blocks (2x2).

The hopper window is the original all-aluminum frame with a thick pane of obscure glass. The hopper opens into the room and has a screen on the outside.

I'm thinking about having the hopper window replaced with a vinyl hopper window with double pane thermal glass to reduce heat loss.

Is there any particular brand of window I should be looking for? Any issues I should consider or watch out for?

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Windows on Washington

There is not as much performance or quality spread when it comes to the Hopper operator.

Instead of a hopper, I would look at an awning for a more airtight and weatherproof window.

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Thanks, I didn't consider an awning window.

Any particular brands to recommend? I'd want obscure glass, energy efficiency (much) better than what I have now and no maintenance inside and out - no wood on the inside because of condensation. And very good quality (am staying in the house).

Is this something a window replacement company can handle or is a separate bricklayer needed to chisel out the old window?

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I'd consider replacing the whole unit.
Make sure the new window is not thicket than the glass block. A lot of glass block is 3" and most vinyl is 3.25 which will be problematic. Four 8" glass block windows would use a 16x16 vent window which is a standard size and could be had for under $40. Glass block vents also come in 2 different types,one for silicone installation and 1 for mortar . A replacement vinyl window would not the correct finning for mortar installation.
I would either replace the whole unit or use the correct vent window.

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Windows on Washington

Good feedback Todd.

Obscure glass is not problem nor is really trimming out the interior of the window to bury the 0.25" projection into the home.

Can you snap a picture of what you have? Should be easier to figure details from and image but it sounds like it should work and nothing about the options that you request is out of the range of normalcy.

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Thanks for the responses. Following are some pictures. My home was built in 1957 and the walls are 8" solid masonry. Here's the window from the inside.

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The window currently sticks out a little beyond the glass block on the inside. Outside, it is flush to the block.

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Here's a view on the inside of the window. The roughly 4 1/4 mark is the inside of the screen. The zero mark is the start of the window.

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Inside measurement to the finished wall. If there's any other pictures that would help, let me know.

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