Is GC correct? re:Sill pan and other window install questions

xrayvisionFebruary 24, 2010

Watched a couple videso on youtube re:installing windows. Many place something under the window to slightly raise the window from sitting on the sill pan if water ever gets in and collects there.

My GC doesn't do that, says that water should never be able to get to the sill pan... that we live in Sacramento CA area, and water getting onto sill pan is in areas with driving rain storms or a lot of humidity, freezing and thawing etc...

Is this true? Just getting conflicting information from internet.

Are there any differences in installing a window in California I should know about (also installing Integrity all Ultrex if it matters)?

Also caulking the bottom nail fin of the window, my understanding is it should not be done because it will prevent any potential water from draining out the sill pan externally. Only other way out is through the wall in the house.

Any other tips, or other "must do" or make sure they "must not do".


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Most often in the Long island area sill pans are used under the doors only, the window opening are wrapped with a product call Grace Vycor or and equal EPDM type material, and no the bottom flange is usually not caulked for the exact reason you give.

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Get the installation instructions of your windows.

Make sure they are followed.

That is the best way to insure your warrenty.

If your builder follows them and there is a problem the mfg will stand behind it, if not the builder will.

It's a no lose situation.

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Thanks everyone for the help

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