WIP a few of the things I have been doing

flagtruckJune 29, 2008

I have posted a few of the things I have been working on in my Flickr album. I am finishing more today, so maybe I can show a few completed soon. The green swing arms are all done with tiles I made from clay and fired. Now need grout.

The cinderblocks are for plant pedestals and thanks to Slow for picking me up a few at Lowes a couple weeks ago so I could do some. I love doing them and am having a ball with them. I have done many sketches of one I want to do for the big flower pot I finished a few weeks ago. It is so heavy I will have to do the pedestal, set the pot in place and then plant it.

The succulent birdhouse is a WIP not mosaics right now, I cannot figure out whether to mosaic or not? Suggestions please.

Here is a link that might be useful: WIP and a few finished things

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You make such beautiful tiles! Those look so great on the swing! The cinderblock are fun! I gotta try some of those! Very, very nice work!

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Oh my word... your work is so beautiful Flag. Love those tiles you made!

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Already commented via e-mail, but again, I'm so impressed w/your handmade tiles. Every time I see these handmade tiles, I want a kiln, but I just can't see me getting into another hobby timewise. I'm afraid it would take on a life and take too much time away from mosaics. I LOVE the blocks, and w/not have thought of covering the holes w/plates. Thanks for that idea. LOVE this forum for ideas and inspiration.

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