Bonneville windows for replacement windows

drnevFebruary 23, 2006

We live in a 1930's Colonial in New Jersey and are replacing the windows during our current home renovation, approximately 15 windows in total. While I have thus far been able to manage choosing appliances, hardware, etc. choosing replacement windows is stumping me. Can anyone give me feedback on Bonneville windows, which someone recommended to me? We're also considering Marvin, Jeld-Wen, Weather Shield and Anderson. We don't want totally high-end windows and my sense from the forums is that a key factor is instillation. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so much.

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Nearly all of these window manufacturers have web sites. Bonneville is a Canadian company and is probably more common on the East Coast. I recently had 24 windows replaced with Ply Gem vinyl thermopane windows. All of the windows that are not fixed are double hung and can be tilted in for cleaning the outside of the windows. this would be a real plue for two story homes. Also, this particular brand of window comes in a variety of interior wood tone finishes that look for the world like real wood. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. Anderson and others offer exterior vinyl clad wood windows which require interior finishing. This type of window in our case was half again more expensive that full vinyl windows. Aside from all of this, a quality window is only as good as the installation.

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we had a large bonneville window installed in the nursery. it was an entire wall of wood casements with wooden grills. it was much less expensive than the marvins we had used in previous rooms during our renovation and the quality was excellent.

we're building new now and will look into the bonnevilles again friends also used the bonnevilles and were pleased.

a lot of look for the money.

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I had the opportunity to meet Guy Bonneville at a trade show a couple years ago. His family was forced out of the company in a hostile take over a couple years ago. They have started a new company, LePage Millwork.
Bonneville's warranty is a little weak, and I've heard of service issues. But if you have a local dealer that handles the service as well, this shouldn't affect you as much. Do some comparing before you decide. It will help to make the best decision.

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Not recommended. I built my house in 2000 using 40 Bonneville windows. Since then all the thermal units have required replacement. As the labour is not included in the warranty this has cost $$$$thousands.

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Jambsi misspoke. Bonneville does include labor in their warranty. They also have a program that is better than Marvin. For example, Bonneville warranties the cladding on their windows for 20 years.

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they need to include labor and have a better warranty as there products are very marginal at best, I would have to think long and hard about putting them in my house even if they were giving them away.

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They offer labor as part of the warranty and their specifications - e.g. the performance data speaks for itself! You should really read the specs on other brands, and compare them to Bonneville. You will not be disappointed.

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Specs be as they might, their windows quality is lacking and I have compared and seen my share of them installed.

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What else to we have to go on beside specifications? We all have "opinions" but people want "facts".

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You want facts, take a look in your showroom at your Bonneville display and you will see what I am talking about. Or better yet since you come on here as someone who sells the product why don't you go see one or your products installed then you will also know what I am speaking of.

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