Wedding Cheesecake

Nanaof2July 9, 2004

Has anyone had their cake made out of cheesecake or been to a wedding where there was a wedding cheesecake served? DD wants cheesecake and that's not a problem, but all the pics I'm seeing on the net have frosting and she doesn't care for frosting. We are talking about a selection of cheesecakes on pedestals with the tulle, and tropical flower petals. The frosted ones certainly look more like a wedding cake, but I'd like to know if you have seen them unfrosted and how was the presentation?

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Yes, cheesecake is becoming increasingly common for wedding cake. I had one bride who had her cheesecake made with two stacked layers of different sizes. In looking at the photos, I would say that the bottom layer is 12" and the one on top of it is 8". The baker created a 2" wide ruffle of white chocolate that she placed around the bottom of the cake and around the base of the top layer. (This could also be done with fondant, which is more stable than chocolate.) Then, the bride used a Precious Moments cake topper on top.

We served a variety of cheesecakes also. Each of them had rolled up cookies standing around the edges. The cookies were the type that are made very thin and flat, like a pancake, and then rolled while warm. A narrow ribbon in the color of the bride's choice was placed around each cake to finish it off. When we cut the cheesecakes, we removed the ribbon and cut each slice between the cookies.

We also served a variety of individual bite-sized desserts for those who don't like cheesecake. It was a lovely mix and guests made many comments about the unusual dessert fare.

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She does cheesecake wedding cakes. I've seen the pics for it over at Wedding Channel.

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I think it would be great! Any multi-tiered cake looks like a wedding cake to me and frosting on cheesecake seems like too much. The Cake Bible has a recipe for white chocolate cream cheese frosting that the author says is the exact color of cheesecake- that might be nice for some minimal decorations- like piping borders.

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There's a incredibly gorgeous one in an old issue of Martha Stewart Weddings--Fall 1999.

The outside of each layer was wrapped in bands of white chocolate (directions for how were in the magazine; I remember hearing that making the bands wasn't that easy--it SOUNDED easy, but apparently getting a perfect band could be tricky, but you could do it over easily), and sugared white cherries were piled one top of each tier.

The cheesecake recipe was incredibly, phenomenally good, too.

I agree w/ alicia67--I think any cake w/ three tiers or more looks like a wedding cake. You don't have to have a lot of furbelows and stuff of frosting.

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We had cheesecake at our wedding and it was just wonderful! Very rich and filling, but delicious. Two layers were Raspberry mousse and one layer was Chocolate Amaretto. It was decorated with handmade seashells and dusted with 24 kt. edible gold. My husband's Groom's cake was also Choloate Amaretto Cheesecake in the design of his Air Force wings and was the talk of the reception. There is a link below if you would like to see how they turned out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drew and Sherrie Lynns

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We had an amazing cheesecake as well. But I am not sure it is quite what you described. Either way, the bakery that did it was always looking for wonderfully original designs and presentations. Please see the attached link for more pictures and info. (at the bottom of the page once you open it, there is a link saying "to view more pictures") I can send you a pic of ours if you want. It was absolutely fabulous. My only regret is not having an alternative for a few of the lactose intolerant guests.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simma's Bakery Weddings

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