Blingy Door Done

flagtruckJune 17, 2009

Here is a pic of the shop door done and in place..(I can't believe I grouted something the same month I mosaiced it)

I am going to remove the screen as it detracts from the door and because Slow said to do it and she is the boss of this outfit..LOL..

Here is a link that might be useful: Blingy Door

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AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE! Love your work!

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Oh Flag soooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful job girl!!!

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This is one beau------ti-------ful door. I agree with slow. I would hate to hide this beauty behind the screen.


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It turned out so GREAT! I love it Carol!

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That is jaw droppingly gorgeous...

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Flag, I love , love, love this door. it is the PERFECT entry to your wonderful studio!! even though I also love this screen door, I guess Slow is right. It does take away from the door, and the screen needs it's own place to shine, because it is jaw dropping too.

One of my friends from UT, will be in Austin in a couple weeks, I am so tempted to meet her and then make the drive up to you and Slow's

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We would welcome all of you with open arms...bring yourself on.....Slow will definitely say the same thing. We are about 4.5 hrs NE of Austin. Plan to spend at least one night with us. We both are single gals with 3 bdrm houses so plenty of room...Thanks to all of you for the kudos. I love this myself, it is so happy. This is the door to my workshop not my studio. My studio door is a full glass storm door to let in more light.

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Oh, wouldn't that be fun, MER, if you/your friend w/come see us. YES, please plan to do so. Two weeks - that w/be the 4th of July, and I'll have a house crammed full - whole family w/boy friends w/be here, but FLAG has room for you both. No way can you see her Queendom in just an hr. or so. That mosaiced door is fabulous, and I suggested she stand the screen in her gardens for a little door to a secret sitting area. She has so many "rooms", and the screen is perfect for one.

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This is Absolutely THE Blingy-ist Door on the Planet/Universe!!!! It just says...Enter Here, All who Crave Heaven On Earth!!!" Well, all of us who are Mosaic Addicts anyways!!!lol!

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Gosh Flag and Slow, thank you so much for the Texas hospitality. That is one thing I so miss. Turns out my DFF(Dear Former Friend:)) says she can't make it.

So, guess will have to take you gals up on your offer another time. Gee, I was getting all excited.

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love the door. i live in a building with 9 flooors, i'm on the 8th. 4 apartments on each floor... should i go ahead a mosaic my door?
it's metal, i guess... one of those safe doors....

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That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I hope I can do a big project someday. Right now I'm almost afraid to try a small one. I've been making totems, glass flowers, etc. so I'm mostly on the GJ forum, but hopefully you'll see me here once in awhile, too.

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Calin - I am sure your door would be the talk of the building. Laura-just start on something, then you will want to do more and more and is contagious..Thank you Slow, Calamity, Mer and the rest of you. I am tickled you all like it. It is brightm but who cares?

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We're talkin' TEXAS here, Friends....where everything is bigger, brighter, more colorful and happier than other places. I need to get down there too. How I'd love to see that blingy door, Flag. But I'm off on vacation for 3 weeks in the morning. It'll be so fun to check in here and see what else is new and wonderful when I return...

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