Help w/ space needed for 72' round tables & 85 chairs

abcjetsJuly 19, 2007

Help- i will be having approx 85 guest. I am wondering if anybody can tell me the space needed for a 72" round table w/ 10 white fold down standard chairs. Does anyone have a cleaver way to lay out tables/chairs w/in a 24'x 33' area?? Thank you!!!

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The rental centers figure that a 5' round with 8 chairs needs at least 10' of space to be able to pull out chairs. Therefore, I would guess that a 6' round with 10 chairs needs at least 12'. The best way to lay out the tables and chairs is to use graph paper that has a grid on it. Then figure out how many squares equal a foot and go from there.

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I could be wrong, but I think with a 72" table, people won't be able to talk to anyone except the person sitting next to them. Bcs the curve of the table is so great, they can't see the people beyond them, and the people on the other side are too far away.

Best of luck w/ your planning

(great info, sweet_pea10!)

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Actually, 5' and 6' round tables are the most commonly used sizes. The table is round, not serpentine, and it is easy to see guests across the table. Once a centerpiece, silverware, glasses, etc. are placed on the table, the size isn't imposing.

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