"Custom" Andersen windows

xyz10February 16, 2013

Is there product line within Andersen that has an upcharge to get tilt-in feature for double hung windows ? Looking at a new home and was told the feature is 150 dollars extra for each double hung window. Rep/Agent said these windows are not the basic 200 or 400 series windows, which has them as a standard feature..

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The wording of your post is somewhat confusing.
I believe the AW 200 or 400 series are NOT a tilt window but can be re-sashed to be very similar to their tilt-wash units. I would expect to pay more than $150. per kit to do so.
None of what I talking about here is custom, nor should that be necessary in any way if I understand you question correctly.

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Andersen 400 do have the tilt upper sash on the double hung from what I've seen. I'm about to replace 20 windows, many of which will be large double hung 400 Series. I'm using the Woodwright model in the 400 Series. The other double hung are I believe specifically called Tilt-Wash. The Woodwright has more wood in areas and is a little more 'vintage' looking. More along the A Series of Andersen windows.

Its all very confusing - I'm shopping in the Canadian market so there may be differences.

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I rarely deal with Andersen, but that would be pretty ridiculous if it is the case. Tilt in sashes are pretty much standard on any double hung window in recent years.

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The only window I have seen from Anderson that does not tilt in is the 100 series,This window is a single-hung and not a double though.

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Both the Andersen 200 and 400 Series Double Hungs for new construction tilt in for cleaning. Non-tilting windows from Andersen are the 100 series single hung and the Narrowline double which they stopped manufacturing earlier this year.

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