Anyone know of Weddings held yesterday?

nancylouise_gwJuly 8, 2007

Morning all, with all the hype about lucky number 7 yesterday I didn't know of anyone that was married on this supposedly lucky day. Anyone attend any weddings yesterday? NancyLouise

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I coordinated a wedding yesterday. It was hotter than blazes, 100 degrees. The couple were married on the stage of our outdoor Shakespeare Theater in the full sun at 2 p.m. (We had to vacate the grounds by 4 p.m. before the evening's play, so no other option).

The reception was held at an older building, our Basque Cultural Center. Since my air conditioning is out at home I was hoping to spend several hours in the cool, but it didn't happen. The air conditioning was also out at the Center and all we had for circulation was ceiling fans.

Despite the heat, the couple had a fantastic time. They have been engaged for nearly two years and they live in another state. Coming home to celebrate with family and friends was very important to them.

This morning at church a friend mentioned that she attended a wedding yesterday. It was held at a cabin in a mountain community about an hour from us. When they arrived, they discovered that the cabin had no running water and bottled water was not provided. The couple had set up tables with umbrellas on a concrete slab in the sun. I asked how long she stayed and she said that they barely made it two hours before retreating to a cool car to drive home.

In my community there were weddings everywhere. All of the typical venues were filled and many backyard weddings occurred. The caterers and decorators were totally booked months in advance.

I already have 8-8-08 booked. It will occur on a Friday and will probably be another very popular date. I am also hearing comments about 6-7-08, which will be on a Saturday.

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We attended a sweet wedding for two of our friends. They have been together since high school, have two children and are in their early 30's.

They had a very nice ceremony at their church and had a reception at a bar that was rented out for the evening. Even though it was a bar, it was very nicely decorated with linens, chairs, white twinkle lights, champagne fountain, etc.

It was hot here in Colorado but it was a nice event otherwise.

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I must admit I never gave a thought as to the actual wedding date when planning ours. We just wanted it in the late spring. Not to cold and not to hot outside. The numbers didn't really mean anything to us. I guess that couples can keep going on and on, 8/8/08, 9/9/09,....NancyLouise

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You would be surprised at how attached people get to a certain date. It is common for couples to choose their wedding date as the anniversary of their first date or a parent's or grandparent's anniversary if the date happens to fall on a week-end. I do know of one wedding held on a Tuesday, which was the bride's grandparent's anniversary. The date was more important to her than the day of the week. My wedding on June 23rd was on the groom's parent's 37th anniversary.

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