Finally finished something!

loribee2June 13, 2011

It's just a little mushroom I started ages ago, but I'm in clean-up mode to get all these projects I started done with so I can clean up my workshop and move onto new things (I've got so many plans!).

I stuck this guy next to my tomatoes just to take a picture and kinda like him there. I think he'll stay for a while!

I also finished tiling my first butterfly and am ready for the grout. Maybe if my week goes well, I can do that before Friday!

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How darlin - neat as can be - I want one. Nice tomato too. Mine are starting to turn color. Might have a couple ripe by next Saturday when I'm giving a small patio dinner party for CALAM. If you read this, CALAM - it was to have been a surprise - oh well!!!

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Thanks! And I confess I'm jealous! Wish I was closer so I could invite myself over for a visit, LOL And as for tomatoes, I won't be getting anything ripe until September. Maaaaybe August if I'm lucky. We have a long wait here by the coast.

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That's really nice, good job! Love how all the colors work. I have a piece that will work for a mushroom so I'm definitely taking notes.

Slow, we'll be expecting plenty of pictures. That sounds like so much fun.

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Love it!!!
Slow wished I live closer also.

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Love the shroom. I'm about to do one myself with similar tiles. The stem is nice, realistic looking. did you paint it? If so with what?

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Thanks, everyone! This is my third mushroom and I think my favorite. Practice does really make a difference when it comes to mosaic, I'm learning!

Kathy, yes I paint the stem. I figured it would be too busy to mosaic the whole thing. Painting concrete/mortar takes a little more patience, though, because you really should let the concrete cure for a good 30 days before applying paint. That's because the cement is very acidic when you first make it. The PH level moves toward neutral the older it gets.

But to paint it, I first paint on a coat of 123 Primer. Then I use craft paints labeled for "outdoor" use. They're in the paint aisle at Michaels, or any similar craft store. Once that's dried, I spray on an outdoor acrylic sealer. Then I use glue to stick the two pieces together.

I'd love to see yours when you get it done!

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My mushroom has been out in the garden for a year so I suspect the ph is good now. Thanks for the hint tho in case I ever catch up and want to paint something new!

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