Can someone explain the differences?

pjs755February 12, 2013

Can someone explain this in a way that not only I will understand, but that I can then explain to the higher authority in my life? (IF you have to ask you're not married)

Exterior trim:
Full capping;$60@
Aluminum Stop trim with wood stops:$40@
Aluminum stop trim only:$20@


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The full capping covers the small stops and face trim ( most likely brick mold) all in one piece and gives the entire opening a nice, finished look. The other two options would just consist of an "L" shaped piece of metal right next to the window to cover the blind stop (or where it was cut off). The face trim is left untouched, whether it is currently capped or not. The difference between the last two options is that one gets new wood stops behind it ( preferred), while the cheapest option just floats the aluminum.... Does that explanation help?

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Windows on Washington


+1 to HomeSealed's answer.

Get the full capping. You will be happy you did.

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Their pricing tier favors the full capping, looks like this is the way the contractor wants to as well.

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Shame your about to choose a contractor who can't explain this to you. Beware!

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Jump, the OP never said he was "about to choose a contractor who can't explain this"

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