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becky_iaJune 10, 2011


I am so very please to have been asked to display mosaics in my very own exhibit! I can still hardly believe it�& pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the local director of our city�s Carnegie Cultural Center (who hosts temporary exhibits focusing on the arts) and asked if I would be interesting in putting together a display of mosaics after hearing from someone in the community about what I am doing! I invited her to my studio (my basement!) to see what I was working on and once there she asked if I could come up with enough pieces to have my own exhibit.

So I have been scrambling the past two weeks, finishing up several projects and begging friends and family to loan pieces I have done in the past for a two-month display/show. I asked how many I would need and her reply was�the more the better. I came up with about 50 pieces and my husband and I trucked everything we could last Sunday evening to the center.

Yesterday I received a call from her asking me to stop in to see what she had finished so far�. Oh my goodness! I was ecstatic-it looks fabulous. She even has my name on the sign out front�in lights! (at night) It is a real exhibit with proper lighting and all the bells and whistles!

She has been fantastic to work with, going over each piece with me, being sure we had a name or title for each, what materials were used, and if the piece would be for sale. She took my picture in front of several pieces, is writing a news release for our local paper, sending invitations for an artist reception on July 10, and asked if I could come next week for a bus tour of 48 people from Davenport, Iowa, to answer questions they may have! I still can�t believe all of this.

She is also displaying some of my mosaic jewelry, putting together a display of tools and materials used and also using some of my autographed mosaic books. She asked me to drop off business cards and a PowerPoint presentation I created on how to mosaic items for the garden.

This is the most exciting thing I have ever had happen with my mosaics and I just had to share my good news with my online mosaic friends and support group! This is truly one of my Bucket List" things!

I hope to get some good pictures of the display and post them when everything is set up. Gosh darn, I am so excited I can hardly stand it!


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OHMYGOODNESS, BECKY - I know you must be walking on a cloud. Congratulations - take a deep bow. What an honor. I know it's a lot of hard work getting ready for a show, and don't envy you. Hope you do well.

As for myself, I've declined an invitation from our local art center to enter into the summer show. To me, all I can think about is the work involved. I was displaying at a local nursery, and it was so much work to take it all out a couple weeks ago, when I decided things had been there long enough w/no recent sales, that I said I'll NEVER again take anything outta this house to market or show. Again, I hope you make a big splash and get lots of business from your exhibit.

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Wow, Becky that's awesome!! Congratulations!! I would LOVE to see some pictures of the exhibit. Let us seeee!!! And in the mean time, big high five! Have fun with it!

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Oh that is sooo exciting! What fabulous news! I am so happy for you, and would love to see pictures. I know how much work this kind of exhibition is. Wow, Becky, that is so awesome!

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That's fabulous!
Please be sure to post pictures. (lots of them) Sounds like the art director is wonderful and really appreciates your work.

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Congratulations! Way to go !!! I know how exciting that is .

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That's so great, looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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