Wedding Pictures

duckyheadJuly 24, 2004

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've been gone for so long... work's been hectic since we got back (guess that's what I get for taking a month off!!:P )

I finally got some pictures up on our website (more to come...)

You can check out the whole website, or check out just the wedding pictures page

Either way, I have to share a couple of my favorites:

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nice picttures. You look truely happy!

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Nice pics of a lovely day. You look so thrilled!

One suggestion: should you post others to the forum, please consider compressing them first. Each of the ones you posted came in at 4 megabytes of space. Some poor viewers with a dialup-connection will find it takes forever to load such images; even on my DSL setup the page took a while to load. The forum instructions suggest an uploaded image should not exceed about 60 kilobytes. Almost any photo editing application, including freeware ones, will allow you to compress photos, and common compression algorithims such as .jpeg allow you to post photos that don't appear to have suffered from compression when viewed on a monitor. Of course, compress a copy, not your original. You'll want your uncompressed photos for printing at high resolution.

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