outswing door for mudroom?

M_N_AFebruary 5, 2013

in our remodel plan, we are having a 3'6" wide by 4'8 long mudroom into the kitchen. we'd like to put in a bench+hanging self unit but the space is so narrow.

so we are wondering if we should design the door to swing outward
1. what are the cons?
2. is there any special requirement for the patio outside in terms of height?
3. is it easy to change to in-swing later on?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

1. Outswings can, in theory, have issues with drainage and water tightness in some applications. If this is covered space or between a garage and a mud room, that point is moot.

2. No. Most manufacturers will make them in any size.

3. No.

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Could you please elaborate RE: #1?

I was told by more than one "window guy" that outswing doors are BETTER because the wind shuts them tighter instead of pushing them in. That is why I wanted to switch all my patio doors to outswing and one of them has only standard (not very deep) overhang.

I really trust your opinion, so could you explain some more why it may not be a good idea?

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thanks for the input windowsonwashington!

on #2, what i mean is if the door swings in, the patio seems to be ok a little bit lower than the living floor area. but if the door swings outward, is the patio required to be at or almost at the same level as the living floor?

on #3, late on if we need to change it to in swing, is it the same as replacing a new door, or there is more to it?

thanks again!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Many outswing doors don't have adjustable thresholds and can be harder to adjust for fitment at the door.

Positive pressure on the door will seal it in the compression a bit more but there is more than just positive pressure in a windstorm.

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"there is more than just positive pressure in a windstorm"

That being???

See, you are talking to people who no nothing about that stuff and need more info. I would be happy to read if you point me to the right source.

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i just did a google search. in this article, most of the comments are positive about outswing door


I am still needing help on question 2 and 3...

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Windows on Washington Ltd


There are both positive and negative pressures during a windstorm. The idea that an outswing door will always seal more tightly because the wind is pushing the door shut is not a valid decision making criteria. If the wind is blowing at the home at and angle, it is very possible that the pressures on the door are negative and pulling the door open instead of closed.

The threshold types are typically different on outswing doors and the abilities to adjust the door are often times not as great.

Hinges are located on the exterior of the door and while there are proper hinges that are theft and break in secure, the fact is they will be more exposed to weather and possible oxidation.

So...you window guy is incorrect in his assessment that an outswing is better and for that reason alone.

If and outswing door provides you with more functionality because it does not encroach on the space, go for it and get a good one.

A better combination for water tightness would be a door and storm door. That is not an option with an outswing door.


Question 2: (if you are referring to how high off the ground the door should be) is dictated by local code. The most common issue with doors and deck layouts is that they put the door to close to the floor and ledger board. That is where a bunch of them leak.

Question 3: No. You cannot just change the door for an inswing. Nearly everything is different. You are married to that choice that you make.

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thank you again for your input! really appreciate it

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And so do I.

Thank you very much, WoW!

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