Lots of Balls

gibsonaJune 23, 2008

Haven't had much time to post lately, but always try to manage a sneak peak everyday. . .here's what I've been working on. . .becoming crash glass queen. The space orb is slate roofing tiles "grouted" with silicone. .

Back to the grindstone. . . .


Love this one. My neighbor thought I painted it!!!

This one is a softball

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Ya got some balls lady! WOW! These are AWESOME! That silicone grouted one does look spacy, how long did it take to dry before you could handle it? Do I see beads scattered here and there in the second one? Cool! Yep, that purple (maroon?) and white one is my favorite. Such a cute idea for the softball! Great job!!

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Ann! Those are GREAT! I LOVE the crashglass orbs. What are you putting the glass over? Can you tell us how you're doing these with crash glass? (I assume it stays in sheets that you form over something?) Yes, they're awesome. They're just beautiful.

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love love love that red and white swirl one! they all look great

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That's some Balls!! I love them. Ok, tell us how you did these?? details please!! I am off to do a search on crashglass, I keep hearing about this and have NO idea what it means

These are so cool!!

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Ya really DO got some balls, lady! The one with the silicone grout really is an eye-catcher! Did you treat the baseball with anything first, or just go at it with the pretty green tiles? The red and white one is absolutely gorgeous!

mermaid - crash glass is the tempered glass from the SIDE windows of vehicles, shower doors, patio doors, etc. Best way I've found to break it is to coat one side with white glue, let it dry then sorta lightly whack one corner with a hammer. Keeps it in larger pieces since I am not "into" one itty bitty piece at a time stuff right now. Entertained one grson for about 30 minutes last summer watching the side window of a Cadillac slowly continue fracturing after the initial cracks!


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Theose are great balls!! The swirly one is so pretty!

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Nice balls! My fave is the red swirly bowling ball. Did anyone notice in the last pic some critter has munched a tiny heart shaped hole in the leaf above the ball?

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Thanks so much, ladies! The silicone one really didn't take too long. It kinda transformed everyday as it got a little clearer. I just love crash glass! Daisy - I just glue the pieces (big or small) right onto the bowling ball. Couldn't be easier. Even when I get down to just the little pieces, it's just a mindless way to create. My neighbor installs windows and doors so I often come home to find a patio door or such in my driveway! Pat - I didn't do anything to the softball either - just grabbed the silicone and got after it. Didn't notice how bad my plants look, except, of course, the heart that I "planned" on having in the picture! :) If anyone wants any glass, I can't guarantee big pieces, but I've got more than I'll use in a thousand lifetimes - I even have some black that I got from a broken window at work. Just let me know.
Have a good one!

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Well GIBS - you've been busy, and have done well. I KNOW what you mean about getting hooked on the crash glass. It's WONDERFUL, even putting the small pieces together. Have some but onto other things right now. However, you've inspired me to drag that box out again and include it in something SOON. I LOVE the red ball, and OH, YEEEESSSS - loving the heart motif as I do, I DID SEE the tiny heart shape in the leaf.

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I love crash glass too! Beautiful!

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Questions, questions! This project is just too special not to know how it's done if you're willing to share. What type of glue did you use to adhere the pieces, and how did you get the color? Did you paint the underside of the pieces, or do you get that in crash glass? If you painted, what kind of paint did you use? Wonderful! Wonderful!

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Daisy - I just use the GEII Silicone. The color comes from the bowling balls. I try to pick ones with really vibrant patterns/colors. Seriously - nothing more than a pretty bowling ball and a patio door.

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Ok now these are so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this just regular glass or something special? These are fantastic!!! I have only been on this site for a week now and I have so much planned to try that I must take a few weeks off my job.

You guys ROCK!


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