Seenig the wedding dress

gary_flowerJuly 9, 2006

Why isnt the groom meant to see the wedding dress before the big day?

I know your not meant to but im wondering why?

What is the tradition?

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I think it's just superstition, Gary.

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Lol, i hope so.
My partner posted a pic of her in her dress on a web-site she and i belong too and i clicked on a link not knowing what it was and the picture popped up. as soon as i realized what it was i shut my eyes and closed it all down.
been bothering me all day.

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I don't think that should bother you. Did you tell your partner? I think you should join together in the planning; that's half the fun.

There are lots of superstitions and traditions connected with weddings, and you can pick and choose which you wish to honor. Unfortunately, sometimes family and friends are disappointed when things don't go the way they think they should, and then you might have to make changes to keep peace.

Good luck.

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No i didnt tell her.
Yes there is alot of traditions and superstitions, like were not getting married in a church (sure thats one)
I was just worried. were not having a great traditionl wedding so i know she's just think about blowing me away when she come down. what ever she's wearing etc... i will be totally blown away.
Were really enjoying the planning together.
I dont think i will tell any one. like i said i have 1/2 a second to see the pic so i didnt see much. im still as much in the dark as i was before. i was just worried today lol.

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One of the primary reasons for the groom not seeing the wedding dress before the wedding day is for the "Wow" factor of seeing her in it for the first time. In years past, when the photos occurred after the ceremony, the first glimpse of the bride in her wedding dress was when she started down the aisle. Even if you have seen the dress, there is still a profound emotional impact seeing her all dressed up, with her hair done and the veil in place. Today, when most couples take their wedding pictures before the ceremony, you can get that first "Wow" glimpse by having a private moment alone before the pictures begin.

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I know it not a prob and ots superstition and tradition.
i know whatever i will be WOW!!!!
i cant wait for that now. only 4 months left :-)

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Well keep us posted on how it all goes.

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I actually think almost NO ONE should see the bride's dress before the wedding day. From a surprise and anticipation factor.

My DH didn't want to see the dress, and in fact didn't want to HEAR about it. If I said, "It's white," he got all flustered and said, "No, no, no." I tried to tell him it was a turtleneck, and he reacted the same way.

My friend had to argue w/ her fiance about him seeing the dress--he wanted to go dress shopping with her and help her pick it out. She finally had to sic the women in his office on him, to tell him he was out of line. if se'd wanted him to go with her, that would have been OK, but she was looking forward to surprising him, and having that time to shop with just her mom.

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Tally Sue, my wedding dress WAS a turtleneck....although it was lace, with long sleeves! I really had a lot covered up. Wedding dresses bare a lot more now.

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I want the WOW factor and i dont want to see or hear about it. it should be a suprise.
Thats y i was so gutted when i realized what it was.
I didnt really see it but still i felt bad as im sure she has spent so much time finding it.
It hasnt had the alterations so it will look different anyways. so i should be ok.
like i said ill always have the WOW factor with her.

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