Wraparound or Folded Glass Window - Where Do I Get One?

lee676February 15, 2012

I will soon need to replace a window that wraps around the front corner of the house offering a view from the dining and living room, that look similar to the windows in the corner of this room:

The view, of course, is bisected by the pillar between the front and side glass. I thought it would be way cool to put a single piece of glass with a 90-degree fold in the middle to provide a panaramic view. So I Googled a bit, and can't seem to find them, although I've seen them on houses before so somebody must make them. Part of the problem is I don't know what they're called. Wraparound windows? Folded glass? Hotwire bent glass? (it's made by placing a hot wire vertically across the glass and folding it). The windows don't need be openable.

I can't find a picture on Google Image Search of a building with this type of window, but I did find one on a car:

That's a 1978 Oldsmobile, so this technique has been around for decades. What are these windows called, where can I buy one, and what do they cost?


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They are what is known as outside corner glass. For a while they were available as bent glass withe the unit being one piece but the manufactures stopped making them this way as far as i know due to the fact that the insulated units were all having the seals failing. Now most of the companies are making what would be know as Butt Glazed Corner units which are just as the name implies. As such you would see where the units were put together and the spacer bar but it is still fairly minimal and less than if if the unit were made with a corner post.

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^ this guy.

You want commerical style for Double paned glass.

Google "butted glass" for pictures.

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Ah, now that's more like it!

That's exactly the look I want. If they're too expensive, not reliable enough, or not readily available in my area, I may settle for a thin strip at the intersection rather than the thick post that's there now. I wasn't thinking how difficult it would be to make double-paned butted glass.

I would have never thought to search for "butt glazed corner" or "butted glass" - thanks! I'll check for availability and pricing from local installers and get back to you.

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Oh they will be expensive either way you can count on that. The above picture which actually shows what I referred to as "Bent Glass Corner Unit" will be very expensive while the butt glazed will be considerably less (but still not cheap). One other thing to consider is whether the corner post of the window needs to be there for engineering purposes, meaning that the header and the wall may not carry the load with that mullion removed!

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I don't think it's load-bearing - in my window the whole central post is a wood 4" x 4" and deeply recessed on both sides, but how do I know for sure? (I'll try to get pics of the actual window up soon).

Wow, Marvin Windows and Doors makes a corner unit made of a single sheet of glass with a small-radius curve at the corner - not even a thin line where the two flat panels of glass join (page 3 of this PDF). That's a "bent glass" corner?

But I don't see many vendors for either type. Who can sell me a butt glazed corner window in the eastern US? It's about 4' tall, and each side is 3' wide. I'll settle for a thin strip at the intersection; don't want to spend a fortune (though I would have sprung for the expensive bent glass if I had the view like the one I showed!). How much more $ are we talking about for butt glazed vs. 4x4" post?

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oh, the existing 4x4' post identified as a "wood mullion" in the archetect's blueprint, if that helps. Late-1940s house.

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to determine if it is load bearing and structural you would need an engineer to do calculations. I myself would look at a commercial aluminum type window for this application and most quality contract glaziers or a good glass shop should be able to help you with it.

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Most of those houses had steel poles in the corners (some covered by wood. If its there, then its definetly structural.

Best way is like mill said, get an engineer or at least a good builder (licensed) to come out and get in the attic to look at it.

Commercial aluminum is definetly the way to go.

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Marvin discontinued bent insulating glass in 1999 as noted in the PDF linked above.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I think this picture says it all.

If you know the reference...you are good people in my book!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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