J has a job!!!!!

doodlebooJune 8, 2009

Well there is good news and there is bad news.

The good news in J has a job! After weeks and weeks of looking one sort of fell in his lap. Hooray!

The bad news.....he's back on the road three times a week:(

I am going to miss the hell out of him. He is back in a band. The guys are really nice guys. They are clean non-drinkers who also have wives and children so that's great. They are out of Atlanta but travel all over Georgia, the Carolina's. Alabama and the rest of that general area.

He will be playing thursday, Friday and Saturday's making 300-400 bucks each night which is pretty dang good.

The money won't be a problem anymore but there is sacrifices involved. He will miss alot of holidays. He's already gone on the 4th and Halloween. He is going to wait untill he has been with the group a few months and then see if there is anyway he could get out of it on Halloween. Maybe they can have a sub stand in. J said he's telling them up front he isn't leaving home during Christmas and he has to be home for the birthdays. He doesn't want to miss all of Layla's firsts.

It's going to be hard having the kids alone after a full work week. I am going to miss hanging with him on saturday. I have cried about it already. I also worry about cooking because I stink at it!!!! LOL. This is just what we have to do. This is what he does. It's what he's good at...his trade. If he can bring home 900-1200 every week then that's what we will do.

The court case will be fast now. He'll have plenty of mulah laying around to get this thing done. He has pinned his entire guitar case full of pictures of us and weve up'd the minutes on our phone plan so we can keep in constant contact while he's away.

I guess it's no different than having a truck driver or a millitary man for a hubby. When kids ask the girls what their dad does they tell them he's a Rock Star :) Keep us in your thoughts. We are in for some big changes.

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Thanks KKNY:)

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Wow! That's terrific that he has a job.
It's too bad that he's gone a fair bit... But the nice thing about an away/home job is that when he's home, he's home. He has the whole time that he's home for his life, not spend 8 hours a day at a job, another 90 minutes traveling to and from the job, to come home too tired and stressed for his life.

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Congratulations! That sounds terrific!

Ditto what Ceph said about the fact that, yeah, it sucks he will be gone 3 days/wk, but that means he will be HOME HOME 4 days/wk! So he will be able to really spend a lot of time with you and the girls, which is more than a lot of dads can do!

What kind of music does he play?

DH & I went to Rascal Flatts on Fri night, it was an awesome show!

Anyway, congrats again!

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congrats, well with economy right now people don't get to choose, too bad he has to be away but what you gonna do? Poeple take whatever jobs in my state now, and it is getting worse by day. well 3 days are not 7, so he will be home some of it. and money sounds good!

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I know how you feel about being alone on the weekends. My DH works afternoons and his 2 days off per week fall on weekdays. It stinks!! He misses most family parties and fun stuff. He hates that and so do I. I WISH that he would be home Mon-Thurs and have all day with us though...sounds like a great arrangement.

During the summer it is nice with my DH having weekdays off because places are less crowded if we take the kids out.

I am happy that he found a job that he will enjoy and will pay the bills!!

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I'm going to miss the goober on the weekends:( Like you all said though the economy is TUFF and if you get a paying job you had better take it! Even bands around these parts arn't hiring. This was a fluke thing that popped up.

He is a blues baby at heart. He loves the blues and can frankly playthe hell out of them. While he was touring he did more southern rock-ish type stuff. He was glad to be playing but it wasn't really his style. The acts he played with and opened for where more Southern Rock so that's what he played. He would rather be doing world music,soul or blues. (Think Derrick Trucks,Robert Johnson,The Isley Brothers,The Allman Brothers,Muddy Waters,Stevie Ray Vaughn and Taj Mahal.)

This band is actually alot different than anything he has ever done. It's more rock. Lots of 80's stuff. Some 70's. He isn't so much thrilled about the material but he is glad to be playing and making money. It will be more Ozzy,Poison, ACDC, Bon Jovi, G and R and Def Leppard type stuff.

He is going to continue to try and get his blues project off the ground in the meantime. He would like to have his own band again so he can dictate when and where the gigs are. Right now he is hosting a local Jam Night which is how he got this job. Musicians do alot of networking at Jam Nights and with him being such an awesome player he has already been snatched up for this gig and also some recording gigs.

Not only is the music aspect picking up for him but he called me and said he has had calls to mow lawns today! It looks like that is finally taking off too!!! It is so funny how you can have a totally terrible few months and then all at once things start going right. Unbelievable.

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doodle, that's great news! I'm very happy for you.

I agree with all the other comments, at least you'll have him home for 4 whole days. That will be good!

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That is great Doodle!
Congratulations to J!

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