Wayfair Reviews?

greenhavenrdgardenAugust 6, 2014

I ordered 3 sun mirrors from Wayfair recently. Afterwords I was given the opportunity to review them. Two of the mirrors were great and I left great reviews. One was kind of shoddy so I left a fair but honest review. The good reviews were posted the next day but the not so great review was ignored. It makes me hesitant to order again. I read reviews when I order items. If only positive reviews are posted, what's the point?
Has anyone else noticed this?

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I have had all my reviews posted, and one was not flattering at all.

Check again - maybe it got posted later.

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Thanks. I did check. It's been over a week. I did all 3 reviews at the same time. Odd that 2 have been posted and one not. I even emailed them asking but I haven't heard back. I'm not trying to bash a company and it's not necessary about making sure this review is seen. It just that I do 99% of my shopping online and I usually order from places based on the reviews. I went looking at other items looking for reviews. I'm finding it strange that most items are overwhelmingly positive. Compared to other sites...usually people only bother w/reviews when they aren't happy. I usually expect more bad than good and take it with a grain of salt. I was already wondering why so many good reviews and this just makes me more curious. I wonder if this is a common practice. Maybe it was a mistake. Just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.
Thanks for replying though. I'll send them another message and see what they say.

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I had a positive experience with Wayfair last year and just referred a relative there yesterday. She was interested in a coverlet but hesitated due to many poor reviews. I'm curious why one of yours wasn't posted but the other two were.

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Both my good and bad reviews have been posted on that site. No issues.

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I had a terrific experience with Wayfair. I ordered a large bird cage which I was not happy with. I do not believe that the issues with the cage were their fault, but were that of the manufacturer. I was expecting a battle to resolve it. It took one 2 min phone call. Wayfair made it more than right.

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Both my good and bad reviews were posted.
I bought two metal headboards from Wayfair with great results.

I also bought two caster arm chairs with poor results (they had 4 star reviews). I got the first one put together and it was supposed to come with 4 long & 4 short bolts....I got 3 long and 5 short. I debated whether to even put the other one together or just try to return them both, but the idea of disassembling and repacking parts wasn't too appealing. The styrofoam & wrapping disintegrated when unwrapping the pieces initially anyway. When I put the 2nd one together, the preassembled portion was done wrong and then one part was broken. They did send me a new piece. Once my boys sat in them they started making a cracking sound and I just took them to Goodwill. I was out a bunch of money and won't buy there again. The fine print said items were non-returnable once assembled and must be returned in the original packing.

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Elraes Miller

Found Wayfair to be over priced. If you run a search on an item, there are many identical pieces (same manufacturer) at less prices and most of the time with free shipping. Plus you don't pay taxes since Wayfair is Walmart. Enough product though to find something wanted.

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Wayfair is Walmart?????!!!

Egads. How do you know this?

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I am pretty sure that Wayfair and Walmart are two separate companies. Wayfair has an online partnership with Walmart and Amazon which is why you will find Wayfair items on their websites.

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Had 2 bad experiences with Wayfair. They sent a light fixture that was missing parts, it took almost a dozen calls & e-mails, and almost 3 months, to get the right parts. In the other situation, I called them to confirm the color of a $900. item. They offered to send a color sample. Six (6) months, and numerous e-mails later, I still have not received it, and they have not even responded to my last 4 e-mails. Never given opportunity to post review for these situations.

On the other hand, I have purchased a light fixture and mirror from them that seem to be OK. Mirror did look better in photo than real life.

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Wayfair is not Walmart.

I don't think it's fair to blame Wayfair for product quality. They don't make the products any more than Amazon or Overstock does, and they all carry a variety of products from a variety of manufacturers, both good and not so good. The test of any of these places is how they handle issues that come up.

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