Window Installation Prices

dformFebruary 14, 2006


I have just started looking at windows this past weekend and visited a store that carried Marvin, Anderson, and Loewen products. I asked what the average cost per hole was and they quoted about $2000. I have 13 average sized windows so a $26,000 price tag seemed somewhat crazy to me. Is $2000 a hole reasonable or did I find somebody who caters to high end clientele? I am in Los Angeles so I expect some markup but I really have no baseline to go off of.

Please advise


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

First things first.

You've chosen manufacturers that are required to inflate their window prices to afford enormous, billion dollar advertising, showrooms, high paid sales staffs, etc. to convince the public to buy their product.

In Ohio (labor) prices range from $400 for a complete tear-out and install to $100 for a replacement 3 1/4" jamb window.

If they were quoting you "installation price" of $2,000 like your heading says, they are extremely out of touch with the industry.

Now, do you mean, product AND installation? That will depend on the product you buy.

I certainly hope that you don't fall for the $2,000 per opening sales pitch. Look at a Vinyl Replacement before you do. You'll find just as much quality and performance (if not more performance) in them.


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Thanks for the comment. The $2000 is for product and installation and this is the average per hole. Don't worry I can't fall for the $2000 price because I can't afford it. We are going to look numerous places before making a decision but I wanted to set some sort of baseline.

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$2000.00 per unit sounds extremely inflated to me. I paid approximately $400.00 for vinyl, argon, double paned, double hung units. The windows I got from a Company called Window World are comparable to Champion.

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My quotes here in North Flroida are in the range of $200 to $500 per hole.

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The $2000 price is outrageous. I live up north and paid about $650, including installation, for Marvin's Infinity fiberglass window. I would certainly do some shopping around and go to another store that carries these brands. Sounds like they're a little greedy to me.

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I installed windows myself last summer. 15 in all, about two per weekend. Pela double hung vinyls (46 X 36 inches) off the shelf at Lowes. Cost me about $200 per window, including the misc. stuff. After you do one it gets real easy. $2,600 for the whole house. Not bad! I also insulated real well around the old casings. Not for everyone, but if you are handy its easy. The furnace ran about a third less this winter too.


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Companies around here have been advertising around $3300-3500 for 10 to 12 windows installed.

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Can anyone give me a fair price for Pella windows double hung and casement. They are the triple pane with shades and the optional oil rubbed bronze hardware. I got a price for 21 windows (includes a bay window)--of 29K. WOW that sounds high! Now I have to pay for the install as well. Can anyone give me any guidance. I'm in the South and my windows in the house are currently over thirty years old. Yep the old aluminum ones.....

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to know what I should expect as far as costs for window replacement (restrofitting). I am also concerned about the workquality, ie. installation process. As I am no expert, how will I know that the windows have been properly installed.

I have aluminum windows now (double-pane) that are very drafty, have always been. I have been told by others that the windows look as if they were installed backwards.

The inspector who came out after installation "ok'd" the installation of the old windows.

Is there some way for me to feel content that yes, this installation was done correctly?

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As far as I'm concerned, Pella and Anderson are two of the most expensive replacement window companies out there! You can find good, moderately priced and installed windows for MUCH less than either Pella or Anderson.

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Did you end up getting your windows? We're in L.A. too and just did our windows with American Vision. The brand they use is Analin. They're great. We love them. Much nicer windows then the 3 Milgard windows we did ourselves last year. We got 14 windows and a slider and including installation the cost was just under $11,000. The windows are their bottom of the line (though still nicer then our milgards) and the slider is their middle of the line (I think $400 upgrade). The installation was really reasonable. They did NOT charge a higher installation fee for 2nd story (10 of our windows were upstairs) where most of the other installers did, so even though the windows themselves were MUCH more expensive the final price was only a few thousand more then our quotes w/cheap windows.

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Yes, the Pella are expensive, but that is what you do buy if you want the window treatments incorporated with the windows. DO NOT buy Pella for a humid area - they are prone to rot, and from what I read on the web, Pella uses any/all excuses in order to blame you for the problem. I have a lake cottage having 3 Designer windows and 2 Designer patio doors that were installed in '94. One door rotten by the 2nd year and Pella provided a new door but not labor; I've just found the 2nd door has rot. In my home, I've just completed full replacements for 12 29"x65" casements in 5 openings. This home has a Pella Designer patio door from '84 and a 2 Designer casement window from '90. After talking to 3 different companies and finding the salespeople indifferent, uninformed or dishonest, I decided to forget about Pella. While visiting a business to review Hurd and Marvin, the saleswomen also knew Pella, invited me to sit with her to review Pella Designer options using her computer software, and we had the initial sale made within an hour. She is a professional and presented alternatives that gave me a complete understanding of my options on custom vs. stock sized, volume discount, purchasing with/without the store's installation. My new casements were custom made as the cost to enlarge the openings was approx. the same as having custom. Casements with feature color and install was priced under $11K, blinds/shades added $200/$250 per casement. I was able to enhance my order to update 2 of the custom fitted openings to stock size bays for only an increase in labor cost. Find a qualified salesperson and be sure your contract specifies all details: glass size, glass type (triple pane low-e or double pane clear), Designer or other series (Pella carries multiple lines), lite openings, etc. CYA as this is an expensive purchase and should a mistake be made on the order, you'll want to be sure your understanding is documented.
BTW, some other manufacturers are putting shades within the sealed double panes, but ask about the warranty on the shades and what the cost will be to repair/replace the sealed double pane with shade after end of the shade warranty.

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In my area (SE), Lowe's and Home Depot install Pella and Anderson (respectively) for about $100 a window, plus the price of the window. (I assume the quoted $2000 includes the window.)

Or you could do it yourself (which is what we did).

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$2000 seems very high. Are these single windows, or double or triple units? Labor can vary depending on how much work is needed. Get multiple quotes from multiple contractors. Ask for references, and check them.
Go with the best windows you can afford.

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So what other manufacturers offer the built-in shades like Pella's Designer series? I got a quote of $22,000 installed for 3 sliders and two casements. Would like to check out other manufacturers.

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Actually with Andersen and Pella being expensive windows they also require more interior wood working to be replaced. This will also bring up the cost. You most likely would need a good woodworking contractor to do this. If the window is a cheap Milgard or Jeldwen the bid will be cheaper because they don't require this extra work. $2000 for a Andersen casement unit installed with interior woodwork replaced is a good deal. Cheap other windows don't need all that extra wood work done. Their skinnier and can be slapped in without messing with the interior. Thats why a do it yourselfer or an Joe blo cheap contractor can do it for nearly nothing.

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Southern California - I sell windows and see quote all the time from other window companies.
Normal Prices I've Seen:
Vinyl Windows Installation
Nail on installation, jamb and case interior including stucco
Vinyl and Clad Window prices vary greatly so add the cost of the window to the installation price then add tax.

$2000 seems high but would have to see the home. Lots of things to consider. Size, interior finish, brand, options on the window. I would ask to see how they finish off their windows. Ask for references.

Hope this helps.

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I just got a quote in the So Cal for Anlin Windows, Catalina Series with grids and a french slider for $23,500.
This includes 24 windows and the slider as I mentioned, tax and installation included. This comes out to average price of $940 per window. Anlin windows seems to have great reviews.

Does this seem in line?

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re: rrrondo's post

I signed up to get Replacement-by-Andersen windows installed for a comparable amount (8500 for 3 - 73" wide windows, 3 - regular sized double hung windows, all custom). This is a franchise arrangement and the reviews here seem to think that at least 300-400$ of that cost is to support their bloated advertising structure. However, the guy came by today to measure and plan, and made it sound like they are getting a lot of orders, and reassured me that they were good windows, with a good warranty, and the installation was expert (includes everything including touch-up paint etc...). I was also attracted to the material - a composite that seems a good compromise between wood (hate the rot) and vinyl and fiberglass (occasionally gets poor reviews on longevity).

Do I have buyer's remorse? Sure. Can you get a window installed for you for more like 400$ per window. Sure. But the 940$ price you quote isn't anomalous for one group of windows and service, and some think its worth it. I'm moving forward hoping not to be disappointed and relatively convinced it wasn't a scam.

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A "fair" price is whatever the market will bear. I'm sure prices in L.A. are much more than paw dunk Mississippi.

Trying to deduce whether this is a "reasonable" deal or not is difficult to assess based on the data provided.

Try to get a price for the product itself, and then another price for the installation work.

Not all installs are created equal. If it's a fourth floor unit in a stucco house, for example, this is probably going to run more than a wham bam deal on the ground level.

In the same vein, if you have dry wall returns and plan to have each of the new units "cased" with fancy trim, this would add to the price, of course.

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Going back to bosquel, everyone is jumping on here with window prices and installation prices and coming this to that when the first thing that need to be done BEFORE you discuss good price versus bad prices in fiquring out what the hell the people want and can afford. Of course Vinyl replaements are cheaper to install much less work then a complete rip out, as far as new windows dbl hungs casements, round tops, archs. How in the hell can anyone say $2000 including a window is to much when NOONE has any idea what the hell kind of window they are speaking of. I don't mean to insult anyone but just about everybody on here is putting the cart before the horse.

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I am halfway through the process of having a 45 degree Marvin Integrity bay window installed in the old 76 x 49 inch living room window opening. I got four estimates before going with Marvin. Anderson Renewal was $5495 (after $75 discount per window pane). Another contractor estimated $9000 ($2000 for the window and $7000 for labor. I didn't ask what kind of window as there was no way I could afford $9000!) The contractor I went with is charging me $3750 for the Marvin window and installation. The comparative cost he gave me for window and installation for a Parco vinyl bay was going to be $3450, and Anderson was $4275 so I figured for the difference in price, the Marvin window was the better buy. There is going to need to be a lot of finish carpentry work to make the interior and exterior walls look right though. I hope these guys know what they are doing!

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I just signed a contract to have 11 windows and 1 double swing French door installed .. one is a picture window about 6x6 and another is about 5x4.. I know that just the glass on large windows like these is about $380.. Anyway, my total cost for windows and installation and cleanup is going to be about $11,800.. I hope this is worth it! Includes lifetime warrantee, and these are vinyl Anlin Windows.. Thanks!

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My question concerns a price quote for installing/replacing 13 windows. The windows vary in size and type: seven are largish double casement windows (roughly 4 ft by 5 ft) three are small non-opening windows (about 1 and half ft by 1 ft), and three are double casement trapezoids that get progressively larger (part of cathedral ceiling), with the smallest window size being about 4ft by 3 and half ft (trapezoid measurement not exact, just giving rough estimate), next about 4ft by 6ft, with the largest window roughly 4ft by 9ft.

The suggested replacement window brand is Anderson, with interior wood frame work around all of the windows plus varnishing included in the quoted price of $28,000.

Exterior vinyl siding around the window areas will also have to be (temporarily) removed to avoid damage during installation. The old siding will be put back once the job is done. This is the total quoted price for all windows and labor.

We are new home owners, and we're wondering if this is a reasonable or typical price for this type of job?

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What series windows, does this include removal, how are the windows being installed? To get better feedback you should consider starting a new thread as opposed to jumping on one that is 4 years old!

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Thanks for your feedback. Not sure what series of Anderson windows are proposed. Removal is included. Not sure what you mean when you ask how are the windows being installed. Yes, I just joined the site and came to the same conclusion regarding this thread. Thanks for your gracious advice.

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Thanks for your advice. Clearly more details are required. Unfortunately, I am getting an Internet security warning when visiting this site. "Phishing" to be specific. A way of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. I'd advise you guys to be careful as well. I will not be posting again here anytime soon.

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I have been posting here for many years and have never gotten any warnings other than cookie requests. I think you may need to update or change your virus software.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Never had an issue with this site or the other ones.

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Software is fully up to date. I think you may need to update yours. But hey, if smugness makes you feel better, you go right on posting. I'll leave you to converse among yourselves.

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Thank you, please close the door behind you.

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I didn't hear any smugness, just honest advice... I frequent this site from multiple devices, both PC and ios based, all completely updated and have never seen any such warning... Maybe try different browser?

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anyone who installs a window for 75 bucks is either a junkie or a scammer who doesnt know what he is doing.
whenever i come across a homeowner who claim they were ripped off with a shoddy installation i always ask why they chose that certain contractor. they then say " he was the cheapest". he did the install for 100 bucks and the windows were bought at the local building supply store for 225 bucks.
325 for a window with install is ridiculous and should obviously be a red flag. homeowners need to blame themselves for making poor decisions.
buy a high quality vinyl window and get a professional install, no need to cut corners.

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Can anyone tell me whether $1000 is reasonable for window cost & install on an average size replacement window for Marvin Ultimate Clad. The windows include grill on the upper part of these double hung windows, includes a white primer on the interior of the window, and include dollars spent for removal of existing windows which may contain lead. The cost goes up about $150 per window for a complete tear-out of the window. This is pricing in the MN area.

Renewal by Anderson pricing was higher per window - by about $100 per window. Simonton Windows quote for Vinyl windows was $250 less.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That pricing is not at all out of line for a quality wood product.

The RBA window is not comparable and I certainly would not spend that amount quoted on that Simonton option.

If you are considering vinyl, look at some nicer options.

In wood, you are already looking at one of the best in the Marvin Ultimate.

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The part I have a question on is "replacement window for Marvin Ultimate Clad" and "The cost goes up about $150 per window for a complete tear-out of the window". The Marvin Clad Ultimate is a new construction type window that requires a complete tear-out, so what exactly are you getting for your $1000.00 "average size replacement window"?

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Windows on Washington Ltd


You can order the Ultimate in an insert capacity as well.

I didn't think you could either until a customer told me.

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Yeah after I typed that I did remember the "Ultimate Insert" window unit being available.

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Thanks for your input.

If I consider Vinyl vs. the Marvin window, I would probably quote the Sunrise product and a few others. I agree with you, the Simonton doesn't appear to be a great window.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Depending on where you live, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, and Okna would be my 3 recommendations in vinyl.

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For window installation you can contact WindowMedics Inc. they provide you best price window installation, repairing and replacement services.

Here is a link that might be useful: window installations

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Stop spamming, your company comes across as cheap and sleazy.

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