need help to repair glass

annietinpannieFebruary 7, 2008

My home (we are the second owners) was built in 1977 and has all Pella casement windows. My house is very tight--the builder must have done a very professional job because I don't have some of the problems I have been reading about. But, I do have a broken window...which I currently have covered over with attractive. When we moved here in 1984, there was a very small hole on this window that someone had epoxied a piece of plexiglass over. The hole was smaller than the 2" x 4" piece of plastic. Well, recently, something, probably high winds, caused the hole to enlarge exponentially and gluing plexiglass over it is no longer an option. I should have taken care of it years ago, but...did not.

Does anyone know how to remove the old glass? This casement window is only one pane of glass thick, with an interior screen and a storm window that remove from the inside quite easily. The exterior of the casement is white aluminum clad, I think, and the interior is wood. Any help would be much appreciated. I am a little nervous with my local glass company guys. They are very nice but I don't really have a lot of confidence in their having worked with this type of window before. They have said one has to use an x-acto knife to break the paint seal around the interior trim, remove the trim, replace the glass, and then return the trim, albeit not in good shape, to the frame.

There are little tack like heads regularly spaced on the trim and a philips head screw on the hinge side of the window about halfway up...the screw can only be seen upon cranking open the window. The tack heads are visible upon removing the storm. Now that I think of it, there were also grills between the storm and the exterior glass and I think the little tack heads are where the grills snapped into place. We removed most of the grills because over time they really didn't snap in all that well.

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Your old Pella windows can be replaced very easily by a skilled glazier. They do it from the inside by removing the stops. These are the wood strips that you see the tack heads on from the inside. They are nailed in place with braid nails and can be easily removed. Your local glass guys were right about cutting the paint lines. This helps in the removal process. Let them do the replace because if anything breaks they'll have the parts to repair it. 99% of the time it has no problems. Good Luck!!!

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Thanks so much for the help. My glass guys are scheduled to come when our winds and rain die down a bit. I am relieved to know there is a cure. The window world is one of mystery and confusion...I sometimes feel like I'm walking in the "house of mirrors" at the fair!! Will post when the job is done.

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