I'm Back....and I need help!

gcpommomJune 19, 2009

Hi everyone, it's been a while! I am done with my chemo, and am ready to start a project, it's been months since I've mosaiced anything.

Ok. I am finally going to start on my dd's table. I will be using mesh, which I've never used before. My question is this: if the tile I am using is of varying thickness, how do I adjust this since all the tiles will be glued to the mesh before I thinset it onto the table? I am using 3 different colored tiles in the project, and the red is thinner than the others.

If any of you remember this table top, it was a difficult pattern she had chosen.....so we did finally decide on an easier pattern...a fluer di lis/clock face...should be doable.

Thanks for any help.


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Here is a pic of the image I'm using. I was just thinking, the fleur de lis in the middle is going to be red, I could maybe do that totally seperately and then build up the thinset under it. Otherwise, the only place I am using the red is in the border (maybe a thin border of red in with the black border).

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I hate to see no response to your question, GC, but I don't know what to tell you. I've never done the indirect method b/f, so can't advise you. I love the pattern you've chosen - quite different and simpler than the original. Someone w/surely give you info soon. Only suggestion I w/offer you is: put a thin piece of regular clear glass (so you won't waste your colored tiles) under the fleur de lis - where the thin red goes, and build it up that way. Otherwise, your idea of building the area up w/thinset is a good one also. It's gonna be a beautiful piece. So very glad to see you back.

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Hi Slow, thanks for answering. Well, I got lucky and found a guy on Craigslist selling red tiles really cheap, and picked them up today. They are the same height, so I no longer have a problem!

The design is actually a clock, but I will not be mosaicing the hands in the design. I think it will look nice, her living room is all in red and black. Poor girl has been waiting for this table for a long time!

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GC glad you're back and hope you are doing better. You have had a tough row to hoe gal. I'm glad you found some tile to match the other, esp. for a table. I would have left the answer to someone with more experience. Good luck and keep us posted to your progress. Do love the fluer di lis.


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Thanks Kat. It has been tough, and it'll be slow-going for a while. Take the table for example....I haven't started it yet because my wet saw is buried in the garage behind our garage sale stuff. Hopefully we will have no rain this weekend, have the sale, and then I can get to work on it.

I had been given an Inland grinder for my birthday last November, which I haven't even used yet....I know you can grind glass with it...does anyone know if you can use it to shape ceramic tile? It seems to me that it should work.


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