17 hours and 25 minutes........

penny_savJune 11, 2004

Ok, in a meer 17 hours and 25 minutes, and I will be an old married lady!

Today started out terrible!

I bought a steamer to steam our dresses, and thought we'd do them all at the church tomorrow. I plugged it in, and could not get it to work! After a LONG cussing session, and LOTS of frustration, we finally discovered the problem. So, hopefully we can get rid of some wrinkles tomorrow!

I went to get a manicure, and they were running late. i needed my nails to dry STAT, and ended up LATE to the church for rehearsal!

Got stuck in traffic, we were all delayed for the rehearsal dinner!

I was pulling out of the apartment to go decorate the reception site, and backed into a sign! I have this huge dent, and lots of scratches on the back of my car now!

This all means tomorrow is going to go off without a hitch, RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to have the mothers escorted to the unity candle, then take their seats, it looked great when practicing!

Can't wait for this to be over with! I was a bundle of nerves this morning, but it all went away when I saw my baby. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same way!

Good luck to all the June brides. I'll check back when we return from our honeymoon. going to Orlando to hang out at the amusement parks, and swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Staying at the Lodge at Animal Kingdom, so we should have a great time!

Then the next question starts....."so when ya'll gonna start a family?" !!!! LOL


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Aww... CONGRATS PENNY and all the June 12 brides! Gee, I'm an older married lady by 3 weeks! LOL I hope all went well and you're honeymoon is sensational!

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I haven't posted in a while but I've been wondering how things are with you. As I type this you're probably sitting on the beach relaxing...I, on the other hand, have two kids running around me as we wait to pick up the third from shcool.

I can't wait to hear all about it and to see pictures.

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