Taking off the garter

springbride04June 27, 2004

My husband decided that he was going to take off the garter with his teeth!! I couldn't believe he was actually doing it in front of all of those people!! Someone told us that when he started to take it off, my dad started chugging the champaign.

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Uh oh! "R" rated photo here! LOL

I REFUSED to allow the garter thing! I had one on, it was my something blue. But I intended to keep it. Right before the party broke up, my bridesmaid's boyfriend announced he was not going home until he had it in his posession! So, I motioned my hubby over, and he quickly removed it while I was seated at their table. I flung it across the table to her boyfriend, and he politely put it on his head! I hope someone took some pictures of that! I am dying to see him with the garter on his head again! LOL

My bouquet toss was a joke too, the only one who tried to catch it was the flowergirl. I threw it right over her head, but she ended up snatching it off of the floor, and keeping it.


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I don't mind the garter thing, but we don't really have enough single friends to try to catch either the garter or the bouquet. Last year when I was MOH at my friends wedding and DF was a groomsmen, my brother was the best man and he was so determined to catch the garter that he knocked over a 13yo boy and elbowed my DF in the face (it was an inch away from DF's fingers when my brother did the dive for it). He also wore the garter on his head for the rest of the evening.

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I am in the military so I had a camouflage garter made and also bought one to wear and throw. We blindfolded DH and then one of my buddies sat on my lap and pulled up his pant leg while DH started looking for the garter. We kept the camouflage one and threw the other one.

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We also had two garters. I go to Oklahoma State University and we are both HUGE fans of OSU football so I had an OSU garter to surprise my new hubby. He kept the OSU one and wore it on his arm. He threw the blue one that I was also wearing.

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My mom made two garters for me, one for me to wear and keep (she made it big enough for me to wear on my upper thigh) and one to toss (smaller, so it fit on my lower leg, and I only put it on right before the toss...)


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my husband did that as well but when he got to my foot he got stuck . the picture of it is in the wedding forum "wedding dress

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