Birthday score-beetle bits etc

mermaidmosaicsJune 11, 2008

Hey all,

I hit the jackpot on my bday. DH bought me a Hitachi scroll saw to cut shpaes for MDF AND a complete Beetle bits system!! I knew about the beetle cuz I sent him a not so subtle link BUT the scroll saw I had ben coveting for some time.

I just played around with the saw and it is going to take me some time before I am cutting out my own sea turtles, butterfly's gecko's etc.. but it works just like a sewing machine and I don't have to worry about cutting my hands off. LOL

Now that I have the Beetle bits I can finally cut equal pieces and not spend so much money buying already cut shapes. Course that is how I rationalized wanting this baby.. It came with a really good instructions .

I am one happy camper, can't wait to start cutting.

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That is great! I just received a beetle bits and it's amazing how fast you have your pieces cut out instead of buying precut or me, using a ruler and cutting them out by hand, wasting a lot.

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Congrats on the new toys! And a belated Happy Birthday!
Now, get cutting and let's see what you can do....LOL!

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Happy Birthday, Mermaid! What a GREAT gift! HAve fun and we'll be looking for your projects.

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Happy Birthday and congrats on the great gift!

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Thanks Gals.
Sirius, glad to hear it is easy, it looks that way. I am headed off to try it righ tnow. Think I will need a bigger table though, my worktable is piled up with stuff ..

Cindilu, next time I will be wishing for a ring saw like what you have. Sounds really great.

Daisy and Maria, thanks for the bday wishes.

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Congratulations on your new tools & happy birthday - another Gemini. I had to do a search to find out what a beetle bits was - didn't think it was related to some insect - can't wait to see all the new things you create with your new tools.

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Happy Birthday Mermaid !

Your friend,
ray Mfr. Beetle Bits

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Thanks Ray and Springville.

By the way, Ray.. funny it rhymes . How small can you cut squares?? I am thinking of the mini 3/8th . Will Mr. Beetle cut that small?? And what about triangles???

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Mermaid, Cacbeary did a tutorial on this... let me see if I can find the link

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Cac describes the diamonds she did as 3/8ths. She also links a page that she made about the system

Here is a link that might be useful: Beetle bits

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NT, I'm sorry I didnt' get back to you. Yes, I read what Cac described. So glad she kept me from making the mirror glass mistake.

Now I am seriously thinking i need the circle attachment and since DH said you need to buy it, without seeing the price, I think I will take advantage of his generosity be4 he sees the sticker shock. LOL.

But first, I have to try my hand at triangles and those diamonds, and if that is as simple as the squares.. well..

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