What to get for a wedding gift !!!

diana55June 20, 2006

I have been invited to a wedding.The girl that is getting married is a daughter of my co-worker. What do I get for a wedding gift. I have met her daughter once and I don't really know her taste. I asked her mother and she just keeps saying " Get her anything you like". Please help me with this one!!! Thank you Diana

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Has she registered anywhere? If not...

One of the most useful wedding gifts we got was a good set of stainless steel mixing bowls. Stainless steel roasting pan is nice too.

Vases are good as gifts because people need more than one.

Steak knives, wine glasses?

Whatever you give, provide a gift receipt so it can be returned or exchanged if necessary.

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I'd give cash, unless she has a registry and you can find something you like. Even then, I'd probably give cash.

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For sure I would look for her registry first. But if she doesn't have one, or if you don't like buying off a registry, I like socks12345's suggestions very much. We got most of those things for our wedding, and we really loved them. Here are some other gifts I have enjoyed receiving and giving: water pitchers, nice grapefruit spoons, and serving spoons and forks. I don't know if this is big enough (it costs about $30), but I just bought the most wonderful little appliance (on the advice of someone at the cooking forum -- thanks, jessy!): a hand (immersion) blender that has a whisk attachment and best of all a mini-food processor attachment. The one I bought is by Braun, but others make them. If that's not quite big enough, perhaps a 3-cup food processor would be a nice gift. Both of those are easily exchangeable by the couple if they don't need them.

As for cash, as you can see from a glance through these boards, in some communities, especially in the northeast, cash is by far the most common gift. In others, especially some in the south, cash is considered too impersonal. Individual circumstances can make cash a good or bad choice, too, irrespective of community customs. So we can't tell you whether it is a good choice for this wedding.

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A lot of girls nowdays don't cook, so I don't know about grapefruit spoons, etc. What about gift certificates? You can get specific ones, like to movies, restaurants, and stores or a kind of limited credit card. My grocery store store - dare I mention the name? Has racks of 'em.

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first, don't forget costco, or sam's club...i found a crystal vase made by lenox, for next to nothing!

second, see if you can find or make a signature picture frame. it's an ovesized (11x14 or so) with an 8x10 space for photo. you sign the white matting in lieu of a guest book. our tax lady had one hanging in her lr. she says it's wonderful reminder of a wonderful day...i found one at tj maxx, for a fraction of the price online. my dil to be actually LOVED it (and she's becoming a bridezilla, lol...)

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I also wanted to say, nobody should give a cake topper to a bride as a shower present. Especially not unless you're the MOH and you know exactly what she wants.

Bcs then the bride will feel obligated to use it, but she only gets one wedding-cake topper in her life, and maybe she has one in mind already.

Ditto for bridal jewelry--every bride I've known wants to pick her own, or her fiance is going to give her something as a wedding present. Unless you're really, really close to her, butt out of the "wedding-day equipment" category. And even thn, i would still vote to leave those decisions in her hands.

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Cash might be preferable as a gift but if you are in doubt decide on an elegant and a classic gift. There is nothing to beat a blown glass wine decanter with a signature spiral of hand blown bubbles.

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When I saw that last post, I assumed it was a rule-violating post by someone who sells such an item, so I googled the phrase. I don't know if watsonmoore has anything to do with it, but I agree that it is a beautiful decanter and would make a great wedding gift!

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