Anyone use Milgard Ultra or other fiberglass window?

jsbakalJanuary 24, 2006

I am interested in a fiberglass product because I have had it with wood rot and maintenance on my Caradco windows and think that fiberglass sounds like a great option. These are not popular in the Chicago area although I understand they are popular on the West coast. I went to a reputable authorized dealer today that was pucsing Pella last year but now they are puching Loewen. I'm sure I could get them to order me the Milgard windows but I got the feeling I was twisting the salesman's arm. Anyone use a fiberglass product and is Loewen better than Pella?

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Integrity by Marvin is coming out with an all fiberglass product, but in limited types of windows, around April. If you can wait until Summer, they may have most of the line released. There won't be any wood interiors on these windows which I am guessing will also keep the price down from their standard wood interior window.

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We purchased Milgard Ultra wood-clad for the cabin we are building, and Ultra for the bathroom window. I'm happier with the bathroom all-fiberglass window than I am with the wood-clad. (Seems kind of pricey for the quality of rollers they use.)

I love the fiberglass outside - we bought the dark brown, which goes great with our woodtone siding. I just could not stand the thought of white vinyl frames in the forest, so I'm really happy with the way the dark fiberglass frames look.

Good luck!

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How were the Milgard Ultra windows priced compared to wood window options? I know they will cost more than Vinyl. You seem to imply that the "rollers" are not of high quality. Do the windows seal well and are they easy to open? I wish I could find some local homeowners who used these windows a few years ago as replacements and see what they think of them now.

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We installed Milgard Ultra replacement windows in our home approx. 5 years ago. They have performed very well. We instantly were impressed by how quiet the house became, not to mention the temperature stability. We have one casement window that got a hitch in it (difficult to close) and Milgard sent out a customer service rep (on a Saturday) who replaced the mechanism, no charge.

One of the reasons I selected fiberglass was that I could paint the frames, if I ever wanted to. I ordered the windows in a beige/almond for the exterior and white interior. I very seriously considered ordering the wood clad for the interior, but when looking at the cross section of the sample on hand, it was such a meager bit of wood, it just didn't seem like it was worth the cost increase (particularly for our home/neighborhood).

We ordered our windows through a local glass and sash store. They had the best pricing and provided great service. I was able to play around with a variety of configurations to see what worked best and provided the best value for the project. The pricing on the windows has come down some in the past 5 years (we recently installed two new Milgard Ultra as part of a home addition), but the pricing on the sliders is still quite high (when compared to vinyl).

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I worked at Milgard as an outside rep. No matter how much confidence you see out of their reps at trade shows, dealers, etc--privately we all knew the Woodclad/Ultra product was crap. We used to joke about how much the Milgard name influenced people's buying decisions. To be blunt, we were aware that:
a) the double hungs leaked like a sieve
b) the color of the sills changed in between two different colors without warning to us, so we were unable to warn customers (no, not inswing vs. outswing)
c) woodclad product that was damaged in our warehouse was knowingly shipped out to customers, and when the defects were pointed out a few weeks later, we were told to engage the customer and tell them that we would not take it back because they had signed for it
d) The mitering of the corners was God-awful in a lot of cases, but, again, we were told as reps to fight it out with the customer
e)The inswing and outswing doors are notoriously bad for water infiltration. Again, we were trained NOT to be forthright with customers and advise them not to use them in coastal environments--just get the sale at the expense of good, honest customer service
f) The Ultra and Woodclad sliding patio doors have not been engineered with an offset weep system. What that means is that water blows in a straight line through from the exterior to the interior of the door and onto the floor once it fills up the sill. If you are in Palm Desert--no problem, but up on the coast where the rain comes in sideways sometimes......look out. (put a small stick in the weephole on the exterior of the door and watch where it goes if you don't believe me!)
f) Marvin Integrity, Kolbe, Weathershield, and even Lincoln and Andersen had a much better product at a fraction of the price

g) They don't ship well. These are made in Southern California and will have all sorts of out-of-square issues by the time it arrives in Chicago.

There were a myriad of other issues with that product line. The vinyl is OK, but just extremely overpriced. If you have a large job, try purchasing your windows from a different dealer slightly out of the area. Local reps move their pricing around a lot.

Good luck!!

By the way, no, I wasn't fired from Milgard, I left on good terms and am in the photography industry now!! Much more gratifying than being forced to lie to the public!

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milgardwatch, what do you think about marvin line of replacement windows? just starting to check out windows to replace 25 in my home.

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Milgard can't ship with Argon to the East coast. We want fiberglass in and out and are thinking about Marvin - also Comfortline. Does anyone have experience with Comfortline?

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Hi Milgardwatch: do you have any opinion as to their casement windows with fiberglass interiors? I'm told that some Milgard are now manufactured n Chicago because of the argon issue, but not sure they've gotten to casement production.

Is there a line you recommend of full-fiberglass casements (Inside and outside - NOT wood clad) short of ordering from Canada? I think Marvin has just introduced one. Comfortline got a couple of truly awful reviews on here.

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So what are the best choices for Chicago area? I'm interested in this, too. Please reply!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Integrity is a very nice window as is it Infinity brother.

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Fiberglass windows:
Everyone has been trying for years to solve the window question with fiberglass. "Owens Corning" (you know the in the pink) They gave up the effort years back. So that should tell everyone something! There has been literally more companies that have tried and given up on this type of product because of the following listed obsticals.
 A few companies that are still trying to offer an incomplete line up of products, windows and support fiberglass shapes.
 Marvin " Integrity"
 On and on
The basic problem lies with;
1. Holding the glass in place within the sash, with attaining water and air seal, not to mention water tight corners.
2. Special shapes or combinations, thus holding the units together.
3. Various other plastics or vinylÂs must be used, Resulting in product fade issued as well as reliability issues.
4. Glass is glass! Thermal Issues in some climates unless 100% thermally separated inside from outside.
5. There is a very good possibility of paint adhesion problems down the road if you paint them! "one of the reason they include the color in the pultrusion process.
On the plus side, if you only need single (stand alone windows) fiberglass could be a good choice, replacing the glass and avoiding cracked glass is another concern, due to the grove glazing or glass stop problems.

Advice: Once you paint you probably will be painting again and again!
Take the factory finish or move onÂ

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mtow, where in the hell do you come up with this information of yours. It's not even worth responding too.

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ancient thread...but we are using 8 Marvin fiberglass in the garage because of the low maintenance and the fact that in rainy and cold seasons we get tons of moisture in the garage when we park the cars. I wanted no muss no fuss.

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Mtow's been drinking the kool-aid again!

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I'd love to hear an update on Milgard Ultra if anyone has one. As for Corning, THE fiberglass people, they've just announced a new fiberglass window line, Innovisions. I'm REALLY interested in Milgard since they have seem to have nice options. In my area, N. Cal, I know people who swear by them but I don't know anyone (yet) who's installed the Ultra (not wood clad) line.

Thanks. All this has been very useful

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Very helpful information, window-man! Any news on Pella's "reformulation?" And performance-wise, would you say Andersen's Fibrex is closer to fiberglass or vinyl?

BTW, the Andersen Renewal rep I talked to last week said the product has a lifetime warranty and it is transferable if I sell the house. The Pella Impervia rep sais the warranty that covers defects is not transferable; there is s 20 year warranty on the glass that is transferable. 2 year warranty on labor (I think she meant install?).

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We installed Milgard Ultra fiberglass last summer. Painters tape used peeled the paint off leaving a speckled mess. They are refusing to help and blaming the stucco people. Yesterday I put a piece of blue painters tape on and immediately peeled it off. It removed about 30% of the paint. Not sure how they will resolve this but my current vote is a negative. So much for baking on the color at 300 degrees or whatever.

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We just received a quote for $6900 for 8 large Milgard casement fiberglass windows installed in our home in SF Bay Area. Is this a fair amount? We only have another quote to compare it to which quite a big higher.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Similar workscopes?

That is a very low number for a fiberglass casement.

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