Monogrammed stickers

kathyg_in_miJune 14, 2005

Anyone know where to order monogramed stickers? They (my son and FDIL) are thinking of getting stickers made up in pink and silver(?) and putting them on the centerpiece candles to personalize them. What about from the places you buy wedding invites from?

Kathy G in MI

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Kathy, try going to Miles Kimball for the stickers, they have all sorts of personalized items. That's where I ordered the pencils for my DIL bridal shower from.

I know how you can put anything you want on a candle if you own a computer and printer.

Simple create the design you want on the candle in an art program, like Publisher or Paint--it can include words, clip-art, even photographs. Tape a piece of white tissue paper onto a piece of 8x10 card stock and print your design onto the tissue paper. It takes some practice to get the tissue paper taped so it remains smooth during the print process.

Cut around your tissue paper design as close to the edge as possible. Hold it onto the candle and with a craft blow dryer, go over the design. After a few seconds, a thin layer of wax will melt and soak through the tissue paper. The tissue paper will disappear and you will be left with a smooth candle and your design. Depending on the finished size of the design, you can make as many fit onto the one sheet of paper.

Try it on a votive and see how you like it. The first time I saw it, I was amazed at how simple and impressive the end result is. They can even use trim or pearl pins to outline a circle or oval around their design to make them dressier.

Good luck.

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wow dian, that is amazing. i think i'm going to try that... it's very cheap and will add a nice touch to my centerpieces...thanks for that...

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Here's what it looks like on a candle:

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Excellent idea Dian! I am also going to try it for my reception!

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