Does a fpl have to have a mantle and a hearth?

mtnrdredux_gwAugust 26, 2012

Back to the Itty Bitty stonehouse.

The walls are exposed stone. The interior dimensions are 8.5' x17.5'.

There is an existing fireplace with a nice, newer, clay lined flue. Goodness knows why, since there is no floor and the place was a gardening shed for at least the last 15 years, per the gardener.

We will be installing a Jotul propane stove in the firebox. We are pouring a 5" concrete floor and laying ~1" tile.

I don't want a hearth since we aren't using wood and it just takes up floorspace. I think the firebox floor should be different than the rest of the room, though. Not to mention id rather not lose 6" in my firebox, as it will complicate installing my Jotul. I don't think I want a mantle either... dont want anything jutting into a room that is a meager 8.5' wide to begin with.


- for the firebox floor?

- hearth or no hearth?

- mantle or no mantle?

thanks in advance ...

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You don't have to have a hearth as long as the floor is fire proof/fire retardant - which the 1" tile works.

If the tiles are okay to go under the stove, I would continue them into the firebox. No stopping/starting is visually appealing/expanding.

The mantle is tricky. Do you want something small to decorate, or will that just be a PITA? I'd be tempted to do just the stone, no mantle. Don't you want to hang mirror? Large wreath would be great too.

Oh, saw this on Pinterest the other day. Dang, can't find picture. It was a vintage tobacco basket with an arrangement of old, wooden garden/farm tools on top. Like a wreath, but not. Very attractive and would pay homage to the stonehouse's original use.

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Thanks, Allison, the Jotul doesnt need a hearth at all, even on a wood floor ... i was just wondering aesthetically. Glad you think not.

As for the firebox, I worry that if the floor just continues, it will not read as a "real" fireplace, kwim?

That pinterest item sounds very cool ... i can see it in your house! However we are going with a French/Moroccan theme (yes, a little out there, but the bling looks great on the stone. : )

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I have no mantels in my house and the hearths are almost flush with the surrounding floor. If I didn't need to have the fireproof material, I probably wouldn't have a hearth at all. The surrounds match the hearth. Except at the holidays when I wouldn't mind have mantels to decorate, I prefer the cleaner look. I have artwork hanging above the fireplaces.

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Could it have been a summer kitchen, for canning, ect? hence the fireplace and maybe a stove was there?

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I would keep it as simple as possible. Floor space is more important.;o)

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just for fun, I'd suggest you check the building code requirements for your area. Yo might be on track with what you are planning, but if it were me, I'd rather be safe than sorry...learn the building code:)

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I have an ugly fireplace. It has neither mantel (well, just 3" so it's not really functional for decorating) or hearth. The tile guy was going to add a hearth but I thought it would take up floor space.

I am having it refaced with stone in a couple of weeks, I'll share the after picture.

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