We're Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

penny_savJune 20, 2004

Hi gang! So much to catch up on!

Te ceremony was beautiful. The decorations turned out perfect, not too gaudy, not understated. I think the church was lovely!

My dress was a HIT! It was PINK for those of you who may not know. I would not allow mom to see me in it until I was fully dressed. She beamed when she saw it, and told me how beautiful I was! AW! I thought she'd fuss that it was pink. But, everyone complimented my decision, how "bold you are to be so non-traditional."

We did the Hands of the Bride and Groom Ceremony. Everyone thought it was very touching.

My cousin palyed organ, and her daughter sang. Even the groomsman was wiping away the tears when she finsihed singing "From This Moment on" during the unity candle lighting. Speaking of which, we almost couldn't get the darn thing to light! And when everything was over with, the tapers the mothers lit were all melted down to stubs! Thanks goodness the ceremony ended when it did!

The photographer almost didn't show up! ARGH! So, if my friends had not had cameras in the bridal room, we would not have gotten any photos! But, it all turned out well.

The reception was awesome, the food was the best wedding food I had ever had! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

So much to report. I am anxiously waiting for SOMEONE to send us some pictures!


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CONGRATULATIONS Penny! So glad to hear everything went well and you enjoyed yourselves so much.

We played "From this Moment On" during our unity candle too...it's perfect!

Thanks for the report and I can't wait to see pix!

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Congratulations and welcome home Penny! I thought about you on your wedding day ... it's one of my daughters' birthday too. Can't wait to see the pics and want to hear all about everything. I know you were gorgeous in your PINK wedding gown!! :)

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Congrats! Glad to hear it all went so well!

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