Window spacing question

jsweencJanuary 7, 2010

I'll see if I can make this question clear. We'd like to order windows tomorrow (orders are placed only on Fridays). We can wait another week if we have to.

The building supply our GC works with uses Monarch. I'm fine with that; they think they are good windows.

We will be going with clad casement windows, replacing a 10' section that includes a bit of a french door, wall cabinets and one double-hung 36" vinyl window, going with 5-6 casements. They will be centered over a 10' run of new counter/sink.

My vision is to have 6, in 3 sets of 2. I think the 2 outer sets would be fixed; only the center one would be vented.

Ceilings are 8', height of windows will be either 42" or 48". I'm leaning toward 48, bringing them down to the counter. Most likely we will bump out onto the deck to have space behind the sink (GC says this is "unusual", but he's not on GW). The sink won't be centered under the windows (probably on the right edge of the center set) so we will need to bump out the whole 10'.

To get my 3 sets of 2, I can do one of three things that I see.

1) Six 12" windows, with each set of 2 spaced ~1.5", and in between each set and the outside of the span ~3".

2) 3 sets of 12" french windows, with a little more than 3" between each set and on the ends.

3) 3 sets of 24" windows with center stiles to give about the same effect.

12" windows seem very narrow to me, but I'm not sure it would be any different in effect than having 24", and I think it would look better than the 24" (or at least more of what I am envisioning). Any thoughts about the differences in these three options? Any other options?

Wall in question

Windows will extend from right of DW to 1' past counter in photo (counter to be extended that far); door on far right will replace french doors; doorway on far right will be walled in to receive range

Favorite inspiration; ours will be minus the top row and I'm guessing that the span is larger than 10'

From Things That Inspire

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I would use 3 sets 2 wide 18" casements spaced evenly if possible as i think that is the nicest looking size casement unit and i would actually have them all capable of opening. One possible think i hope you thought of is the windows projecting onto the deck and people banging into them.

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Monarch makes 16" but not 18" casements. I'm guessing that would be close enough. Having 6 windows 16" each would mean more than 10', but I could possibly extend the counters enough or find a little space to the right of where the DW is now.

Why would you opt for all of them to open?

I don't think the projection itself would be a problem; the deck is pretty wide and we will most likely put furniture right under the windows. I don't see actually opening them all that much -- we are in NC with hot summers, though very nice spring and fall days. I want the capability with 1-2 venting but not the expense of 6 venting if there is any significant cost difference. (Maybe there's not; it's a question for the guy at bldg supply.)

Thanks for your input!

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16" would be fine in my book and as far a operating, if you have windows like that it is nice for ventilation especially where you live in the fall and spring, and if cost 25 or 30 at the most i feel it is worth it, especially in a kitchen

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