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bridefulJune 19, 2008


I just found a wedding photographer in the bay area that we want to work with but i also want to keep my options open.... so far we have just done an engagement photoshoot and they turned out wonderful. I think i want to see other photographers work as well. Do you guys know of any bay area photographers?

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What bay area?


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My favorite wedding photographer is Chris Richards. He is located in Tucson, AZ knows that he travels. Contact him and see what it would take to go to the bay area. check out his website, it is different kind of classic. good luck and happy planning

Here is a link that might be useful: Chris Richards Web Site

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Looks like the original poster means the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a photographer I can recommend in the same area as the one you found. Please email me through gardenweb for details.

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I know the this photographer:

Kirsten Hepburn who is located in San Francisco. I like her work, it's a little unusual and arty.

I worked with her once when she was assisting at a photo shoot I was art directing. She is very, very nice. British.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hepburn Photography

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Try looking through the list at - that's where I found my photographer (I live and got married in San Francisco) and he was great. He's retired now, but I think the site is nationwide, so no matter where (especially the Bay Area) you're looking you should be able to find someone.

Cheers, Ann

Here is a link that might be useful: Where I found my wedding photographer

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