Dave Barry Meets Bridezilla

gellchomJune 2, 2005

Do any of you have the Dave Barry "page a day" calendar?

Lately the excerpts have been about bridezillas (although he hasn't used that term). It sounds like he has been reading this board! Here is the entry for last weekend (capitalization in the original):

"Unfortunately, when a bride-to-be reaches the state of having only two marbles left in her head, she is turning her attention to the most abused victim group in America: bridesmaids. If you've ever wondered why you see so many weddings where the bridesmaids are unrecognizable, the answer is that these poor women were following the fashion orders of a crazed bride who wanted all her bridesmaids, regardless of their physical nature, to have exactly the same "look," because otherwise her Special Day would be RUINED RUINED RUINED."

Talley Sue, I thought of you when I saw "Special Day"!

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Perhaps I've turned into an old crank. But whenever I hear anyone use the words "My Special Day," I just want to give them a good slap.

The way I figure it, when someone starts talking about the wedding as "My Special Day," you an darn well bet it isn't going to be anybody else's day.

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I caught a few minutes of the cable show, "Who's wedding is it, anyway."

I guess some girls really get carried away in search of making "their special day" (sorry, Mary, couldn't help it) everything they ever dreamed of.

I hope they're putting this same kind of energy into the relationship that they'll have for the rest of their lives.

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I actually hear just as many non-brides speak of "their special day" etc. In real life i haven't known any bridezillas.

That entire phrase just makes my teeth hurt.

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it's my biggest fear... turning into bridezilla! i want everyone to have a good time at my wedding, but hopefully this is the only one i'll ever have and i just want it to be beautiful and wonderful and i don't want to jinx it with words like perfect but that's what every bride wants isn't it? but i think i'm doing good so far, but then again it's not crunch time yet either... i just hope i don't snap under the pressure

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