Single pane alum frame windows need to go.

PFliesJanuary 7, 2014

This might be a long post! I am going to replace these old windows. I will give as much information as I can but please ask me to fill in blanks that I forget or don't know about. House is brick and was built in the 50's iirc. Located a few miles north of Detroit, Michigan.
I was thinking I would like new fiberglass installed. Don't really want to worry about clad wood unless my thought of cladding failing/leaking and wood eventually rotting.
I was thinking of Marvin windows or possibly Majic windows. Not seen anything on here about the latter. I recall something about some made by Okna (I think) that were not vinyl. Perhaps someone else could refresh my memory there.
I measured the frames on the inside (the temps today are not pleasant) and I will include these in this post. Perhaps they might assist in answering questions I have? The current windows of which there are 9 total are all sliding single pane alum.
The measurements are(from the inside):
79 1/2"W x 44 1/4"H Living room
49 1/4"W x 37 1/4"H Living room/Dining
65 1/2"W x 25 1/4"H x2 Bedroom
41 1/4"W x 37 1/4"H Kitchen
41 1/4"W x 25 1/4"H x4 Bathroom (1) Bedroom (3)
With the size windows we have what type would be best as far as efficiency or cost? I like casement but the wife doesn't like her mothers Pella casement windows.( Doesn't like the crank I think)
Would yanking the whole frame out and going new construction be better?
Is it possible to give any kind of ballpark cost for windows and installation for the brands mentioned above? I know this is somewhat varied by options available but I appreciate any info if possible. Time for some Z's now.
I have included a picture of one of the 41 1/4"W X 25 1/4"H bedroom windows for reference if it helps in any way.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Okna is vinyl and I am not sure if they are in or around Detroit.

Majic is fiberglass and based off the InLine extrusion.

What are you goals for the window? Purely efficiency, the look, etc?

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Thanks for the response. My goal is for better efficiency to reduce bills and to also feel more comfortable. The drafts are so bad I can feel it infiltrate when sitting near. Its not enough to blow things around but its definitely noticeable.
Thanks also for the Majic/InLine tip. I will be doing more research and am adding that to the list.
I forgot to ask something in the initial post. My wife had thoughts about extending the window in the living room down a course of brick or two so that the sidewalk and/or street is visible when sitting inside. I know anything can be done but would you (or anyone) be able to tell me whats involved in doing that?
Once again, Thanks again for your time.

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You're not entirely clear as to whether you want to make the window wider or taller. Either can be done but changing the width is a bigger deal as you need to put a new header in as well as the interior/exterior work.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

If you are looking at efficiency and air tightness, see about changing the operator style at the same time.

Sliders are usually the leakiest of their operating counterparts when it comes to air tightness.

Going down in window length is much easier than going up.

Removing some bricks, remaking the brick sill, cutting the cripples on the interior/wall framing, etc.

You aren't changing structure so it is usually a non permit requiring modification as long as you aren't moving utilities in the wall.

Definitely look at triple pane and be sure to evaluate all your options on the basis of air tightness as well.

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The composite Okna's that you are thinking of are the Starmark. As WOW indicated, I don't believe that they are available in MI at this time.
All good advice above. Making the window taller by expanding downward should not be an extraordinary expense.

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Thanks for the Starmark name. I couldn't recall what it was or where I had read about it. Good info on the expanding of the living room window. Sorry to those that I was not clear enough for on that one. Also thanks for that tip about the sliders being the one of less efficient type. I may get casements in all windows except for the large living room one. Possibly will go with some double hung windows on either side of a larger picture window in the middle for that one. I want to keep the porch free and clear if the windows are open for ventilation I will do a little more research and pick a couple specific brands/models and get some quotes I guess. I am sure I will have more questions before long. Thanks for the help so far all of you. Feel free to ask more about ideas/plans if it will help you help me more. Until then. Have a good day everyone!

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Restorations and Vanguard are made by Sunrise, which is located locally to you in MI. Very good vinyl products.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


You are in Sunrise country there in Michigan.

Stay with the Restorations or Vanguard as a default.

Keep us posted in your search and good luck.

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I just posted a message in basement forum and then realized I never posted about my new windows. I ended up having a place called Cadillac Windows (I forget if forum rules allow that. If not I will fix) install my windows and they suggested Andersen 100 series. I have had them since April or so and I am happy with them so far. Ended up being $4500. Much better than some of the other estimates I had from Window Pro and I forget who else. Although, iirc, those numbers were for a different type of window. I did have one issue with my front .25/.5/.25 window. On one part of the frame Andersen tightened a screw just a little too much and had about a 1/2-3/4 tear on the inside of the frame. They had a guy come out and squirt in some silicone ( I think) and seal it up. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt later but that's a done deal now. I can say the energy saving is a little better but what I like even more is how much quieter it is! Anyway, thanks for the advice early this year and enjoy this winter. I will stay inside and keep warm!

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