It's finally all over.....

springbride04June 22, 2004

It's been a whole week and a half and I still can't believe it's finally all over!!

Only a few little things went wrong....we had close to 100 people RSVP and only 50ish showed up. And then some people that did RSVP came to the ceremony but didn't attend the reception--the place where the RSVP counted!! SO if there is one thing I could tell people it would be to have the RSVP say something like "Please RSVP for the reception on or before____". It is really frustrating when you pay for alot of people and then they don't show up.

Other than that I think our wedding went pretty good and as soon as I get the pictures I will post them on here!!

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Ouch...I can see where not having half the responding guests show would not be fun...but I'm glad the wedding went well and can't wait for pictures!

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That must have been so frustrating having half of the invited guests not show up (or leave right after the ceremony).

I'm very excited about seeing your pics (if you remember we had similar plans).

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I am a wedding coordinator and we have had two weddings in the last two weeks at which people RSVPed and then didn't show up. It is very frustrating when food has been ordered and tables and chairs set up. It used to be that the opposite occurred - people didn't RSVP then came.

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that is unfortunate...i'm worried now since there is an hour and a half between when my ceremony ends and the reception starting. I hope we don't lose too many ppl.
Any ideas on how to deal with this type of situation?

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When DD was married our response cards had 3 response options: "Unable to attend" "(#)Attending ceremony only" "(#)Attending ceremony & reception"

We had 30 people (out of 300) who responded with the "ceremony only". We were SO glad that we had put that option on there!

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Grace3, I like your idea with the 3 options, but what about #4 attending reception only? My wedding is at 4:00 on a Friday and I wonder how many guests will make it to the ceremony, and how many will just come to the dinner and dance? Is it tacky to put four choices on the RSVP card?

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I don't think 4 options is any more tacky than 3 options are -- actually, I don't think either one is tacky, but I suppose some might disagree.

However, the more options you give, the more options you have to keep track of. You could keep the options down to 3 by having "Unable to attend" "(#)attending ceremony" "(#)attending reception", then those who are attending both would mark both.

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Duh...I never thought that a person could mark both ceremony and reception...My bridal brain needs a vacation from all of this!
I just hear stories about how guests have a hard time filling out RSVP cards (this I don't understand)
I am so afraid that the reception will go wrong because my guests won't fill the card out properly. I don't stress out about the ceremony, dresses, hair styles etc...just that my guests will show up and eat at the correct time!

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We had the same problem but the numbers were not that high. We ended up with an entire table of 10 people, plus a few straglers not show.
We couldn't get people to send their cards in. They had a stamp on them, how hard is it to mark a number, fill in your name, and put it back in the mail?!!!!!!
We made a LOT of phone calls the week prior to the wedding, asking folks if they were coming. The response was "of course we're coming".....well no your not, cuz you didn't send your card back! ARGH! I wish we had told the reception site about 15 less than we thought, but if we had, 15 more would have showed!

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We had one less at the reception than planned, but that was due to a family emergency. Everyone else replied by card or when we phoned them! We did have three who couldn't make the ceremony but did come for the reception (because of work- one friend is a veterinarian and had appts that morning!)so it all worked out pretty closely for us!

Although we had 4 cancelations at the last minute...a day before we gave the final count to the caterer.

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