Window Condensation.... solved??

badger177January 19, 2012


My appologies for this topic (and the length), as it seems to be commonly asked, but I cannot find information that fits my exact situation....

I have newer double pane window inserts that have bad interior condensation and ice just at the bottom edges (running the length on both the top and bottom sections). The center temp on the window is 10-15 degrees warmer than the edges where I get condensation. I have put insulation kits on them and this prevents the condensation, so this seems more like a window issue than indoor humidity?

In the basement, however I have several glass block garden windows some of which also get bad condensation...(the one on the north side of the house does not where it is unfinished walls). I have a dehumidifier in one of the rooms set at 35% (as low as it will go), and it helps, but does not remove it completely. Again, I think my problem is window temp versus too high of humidity?

We keep our home at 70 degrees and the 'cold' part of all windows where there is condensation is 40-45 degrees (10-15 cooler than the center).

So, my main questions are:

1. Does it seem correct my issue is window temp versus indoor humidity? I don't want to invest in a whole house dehumidifier if it will not help...?

2. What can I do with the bad garden windows since you cannot put the insulation kits over them?

Any and all thoughts are very, very much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

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This seems to me to be a possible installation issue or a poor quality window. One way or another the issue is very likely high air infiltration. What brand and model window are these?

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I am not sure the brand and model since they were installed prior to us purchasing the home - is there any way to tell? The only marking on them is on the locks which is marked with 'TRACO'.

Would the same hold true for the glass block garden windows? Those looked to be installed correctly (prior to me finishing the walls around them)?

Thanks for the response and help!!

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Are the Traco windows aluminum or vinyl? I can tell you Traco never made what i would consider a quality window. Even when they made windows for Sears they were pretty mediocre. Your problem is going to be that Traco is out of the residential window business so there's no warranty. I would try and find out who the installer was and ask them to come out and take a look. If not, see if you can get someone to take a look even if you have to pay them. I believe this is being cause by air leakage. It may be possible to adjust the windows to reduce leakage. If it's an install issue, it may be possible to either re-seal or correct improperly insulated window jambs.

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Traco would not have made the glass block windows, I am not sure of whom makes or made them however.

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Correct, but it's pretty likely the glass block was installed by the same person who did the double hungs. If that's true, it's likely they did a poor job installing and sealing.

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Thank you for the thoughts and assistance! I will find someone to come out and take a look!

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