Bridezilla of Seal Beach!

flyingflowerJune 5, 2005

Yesterday I attended a beautiful garden wedding at a beach house in Southern California. The house belongs to the grooms side of the family. His grandmother created a lovely setting for this reception. Too bad is was ruined by Bridezilla (just turned 19) and Mother_of_Bridezilla!

Don't let this happen at your wedding...make sure the music selection is in good taste (ie. PG). One of the guests who had her children with her decided the music had gone over the line with the obsenities, she couldn't take it anymore. I kid you not, the song blasting on the loud speaker was laced with "you *itch", "whore", etc language like that. She went over to the cd player and tried to lower the music or change the song. But no buttons she pushed had effect, it just kept going on and on with the bad language. The only thing she could do was turn it off completely. There was no "dj" and no one around we asked knew how to operate it. I guess all the music was pre-selected and played unattended.

The bride's mother storms into the room and yells, "WHO TURNED OFF THE MUSIC!". You call that music? Who in their right mind would approve of gangster rap at a wedding? Only someone very young, immature with an idiot for a mother. The woman tried to explain to the mother that there were children at this wedding and the foul language was inappropriate. You would think the mother would understand but she was angry! The bride comes in now and screams "(something something).....MY IDIOT IN-LAWS!". The grooms sister overheard it and burst into tears and yelled something back at Bridezilla who replied with her hand out-stretched, "WHATEVER! WHATEVER! WHATEVER!". OMG, I could not believe the scene I was witnessing. I don't know what happened after that, I left in disgust (followed by the woman with her children).

Before I end this message I have to tell you about the strip-tease act the bride performed with her garter. She lifts her wedding gown up to her knee revealing the garter placed on her calf. Very respectable. BUT THEN she pushes the garter up her thigh, lifts her dress, her legs, and then spreads them!! I stood there with my mouth gaped wide open in disbelief, couldn't say a word because my brain was still trying to process the ghastly sight of her unnattractive thighs. But I was standing off to the side, I looked over at a woman sitting directly in front of the bride and made note of the expression on her face. She must have seen a whole lot more than I did from the looks of it. After it was over I heard a man say, "I need a cigarette now!".


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Maybe she thought she was Sharon Stone.

The worst thing about this "B!t#h, Ho, Muthafu@#er" music is that this generation will associate it with their youth and play it as oldies when they older - scary! American middle class youth has been ghetto-ized, no doubt about it. And that's not racial because I consider Brittany Spears as ghetto trashy.

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Ah, another Jerry Spring show. This one draped in a white gown.

You can't teach common sense.

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sounds like that marriage got off on the right foot... some people! you think that on thist one day she could show a little class. makes my whole generation look like trash...

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