Pricing for RELIABILT doors...too good to be true?

newhome3January 8, 2009


We have just started building a new home. Builders are getting ready to order doors and windows.

We received an estimate for all the exterior doors from the local lumberyard that our builders use. The prices were TWICE as high as prices for Reliabilt doors at Lowes.

The doors are 6 panel steel doors, prehung, primed for paint.

There is one door that will be a 6 ft wide steel, 6 panel double door.

The lowes doors are literally half the price! The single door is as low as $139, whereas the lumberyard price is in the $300-400's

My question is...does anyone know if Reliabilt, specifically the steel exterior doors are any good?

We bought Reliabilt interior doors from Lowes for our current home a few years ago when we built. The doors were solid core, 6-panel, oak doors, and we saved a LOT of money buying them from Lowes. The doors have, BTW held up beautifully after 5 years. At the time, our builders expressed concern with us buying doors from Lowes, telling us we'd likely have problems with warping etc...but we've had no problems whatsoever (so far).

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks for your help!

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Make sure you are comparing apples and apples. Is the hardware included with both doors? If so, is it Quickset, Schlage, Baldwin Brass etc. Do both doors come primed, or factory painted? What is the gauge of steel used in both doors, is it cheap 26 gauge or 20-22 gauge? Do they both have steel ball-bering hinges? What is the R-value of both doors.

What about the installation, do both doors come in a new construction frame? Do they have a steel security plate? What about the door sweep, is it a single, double, triple or quad blade? Does the price include a new threshold and is the threshold thermally broken?

The same, if not more consideration, should be given to purchasing a door as is given for any exterior product for your home. The worst mistake you can make is to buy a door based on price without understanding what a little bit more money will buy for you.

You aren't talking about an interior doors here. You are talking about exterior doors that need to be able to stand up to the elements ie. heavy rains, high wind, hot and cold weather etc. Buy cheap get cheap, regret it later....

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Skydawggy, I appreciate your response and good advice.

We will definitely do our research, and ask these questions of both the lumberyard folks and lowes.

Thanks so much for your will defintely come in handy, in terms of which questions to ask.

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All I can say is you get what you pay for. A $139 door is not going to be the same quality as a $400 door. If you want to look at a high quality door, look at provia doors

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You dont always get what you pay for. Often times the builder will upcharge you and sell you the same door for 3 times the price. I have used Lowes doors for years and installed many of them and have never had a call back for repairs due to poor quality. The same goes for items in the home such as light and plumbing fixtures. You can get quality without paying a premium price. Just do the research and talk to people who know what they are talking about. Dont let a smooth talking builder scare you into buying their overpriced product. Remember the builder is in business to make money..nothing wrong with that, but sometimes they sell you a good product for an inflated price.

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In windows and doors, you definitely DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! I bought a reliabilt door from lowes 3 years ago. After shopping around I was convinced that the amount of money I saved on a cheaper door was worth it. However the 26 gauge steel door dented after 2 weeks, the sweep at the bottom did not prevent air from coming in under the door, and after about a year I noticed the bottom of the jamb was showing signs of water damage from improper capping. Unfortunatly for me the warranty from lowes did not cover improper installation, even though they installed it. I tried to track down the sub that was used without luck. Make a long story short I ended up paying over $2800 for a pro via door and I couldnt be happier. Word to the wise, the most expensive home improvement you will ever do, is the one you do twice.

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We have a existing single family home that has 4-48" wide patio sliding doors (2 fixed 1 per side, 2 sliding in center) and would like to replace them with (4) French doors (2 fixed 2 swing-in). Want shades between the glass and screens on 2 swing doors. Please let us know if handle doors like this. Thank you!

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I recently purchased a reliabilt entry door with sidelight from Lowes at around 1300.00. The price was less than most of the other brands we looked at. Most of my contractor friends recommended Millguard, and recommended against Reliabilt. I wish I had listened to them. The reliabilt door was built incorrectly, the hinge side leg was shorter than the strike side. This caused some installation challenges and eventually resulted in our having to move the header up on the hinge side, leaving a gop in the molding that had to be caulked in. Not the end of the world, but not what you would expect for 1300.00. When I contacted Reliabilt with the issue they said it was our fault for not catching the problem when we picked the door up at Lowes. Not the answer I was looking for. I would now recommend what was originally recommended to me, don't go with Reliabilt.

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139 bucks for a door !!! Good luck with that ..Reliabilt is a low quality door and typical of a contractor who doesn't have a clue about quality and is only concerned with price. Unfortunately many consumers ignore quality as well and only focus on price and then want to blame everyone else when the product fails.
If you want a steel door get at least 22 gauge at a minimum; I prefer 20 gauge.
Reliabilt doors and windows are lower grade products.

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