Great Lakes Uniframe Windows and OKNA 500

lacy05January 30, 2010

I live in Northeastern PA. We have 12 double hungs windows that need replacing. My original windows are Anderson wood windows with the plastic jambs. We received a few quotes from a couple different window companies in the area. I'm looking for a basic white/white vinyl window with no grids.

The first quote we received was for the OKNA 500 Series, double pane for $5,940.00 It seems like a good vinyl window. It comes with a foam filled frame and sash.

The second quote was for the Great Lakes Uniframe, triple pane with argon for $6,756.00 The Uniframe comes also with a foam filled frame and sash. The sash also has a fiberglass rail through it.

Comparing the both the Uniframe looks like a very well built window. The OKNA 500 looks like a typical vinyl window nothing to special about it, looks a little cheap to me.

I check reference on both of the companies and they checked out good. Past customers were happy with the installs.

I also looked at the manufactures and OKNA seems to be a little smaller then Great Lakes which is owned by Plygem.

For the window experts on the board which window would you choose?



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I'd go with the Great lakes Uniframe.

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I have 10 Great Lakes double hungs in a 4 season room and they are a great window. I would definately purchase them again.

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The Onka 500 is a good window and that is a very good price.
However, you should ask to see the Onka 800 series, although its more expensive, its one of the highest quality windows available.
Best of luck with your search.

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mmarse1 how does the OKNA 800 compare to the Uniframe window? The 500 seemed to have a flimsy looking frame. What is the difference between the 500 and 800?

I really liked the look of the Uniframe. It had metal tilt latches and handles. Also the main frame looked very impressive not like your typical vinyl window.
I will call the OKNA sales rep and get some more information on the 800.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The 800 is an extremely solid window.

Metal lift handles with super high DP ratings and very low air infiltration numbers.

The 500 series is a solid window (DP 50) and has very low air numbers as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Okna 800

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